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  1. MOD Police - accomodation

    I'm at a CNI site, transferee if anyone has any questions they'd like answering. PM me. barras99
  2. Anyone heard of Trenchard who tried to go this kind of thing in the 1930's? They were trained at Trenchard House, that old infamous Met section house in Soho I lived at for a short while, in London. It didn't work then and it won't work now. Personally I'm not sure what good the new Police commissioners are and this certainly won't do the job any favours either. I would make some political comments and quote Sheehy etc, but I'm not about to publicly make political statements and endanger whats left of my increasingly diminishing career.
  3. If they don't take MDP as transferees then its a problem. GMP don't I happen to know.... some forces don't, but many do. I know people who've recently transferred to Glouctershire and Nottinghamshire for example. But if theres any doubt about how much you want to join the MDP, then don't. I'm sure most cops have at least 2 A levels nowadays. I do. And my OSPRE 1&2. I'm sure someone would have me if I felt the need. There are lots of problems with the MDP thats for sure, but I know through my old friends in other Police Services, many many places are up the creek without a paddle. Its merely the dire straits of Policing - changed a heck of a lot in the last 22 years I've been in and around it!
  4. You can always rejoin as a "rejoiner" to those forces who dont take MDP if you decide to go back.
  5. A Day In The Life of MDP

    I'm at a CNI site and there are no barriers to staff, and I'm sure the CNI sites will get some of the new staff. The role at CNI is patrolling an area "outside the wire", within a proximity to the sites which are being protected. You will monitor both MDP and the local home office radio systems and occasionally you will come across things you cannot avoid dealing, albeit the "dealing" may consist of making an arrest and handing it over to one of our home office force counterparts. On occasion the local force may ask for assistance and direct us to jobs, but these are always done by direction from the Sergeant to ensure policy and protocols are followed. On the other hand we are definitely expected to be proactive in looking for things out of place in relation to the protection of the sites. Those sites have their own security and they will make calls re individuals and motor vehicles that they are uncertain about. A level of Policing skill is required to be effective. I transferred to the MDP over 4 years ago with about 11 years Policing in the Met and Cumbria under my belt and can say I have used those skills I developed, on occasion. I was new to firearms when I joined and I've gained other skills too. For instance I'm an NPIA Accredited Operational Firearms Commander too. I'm not a Sergeant but perform plenty of APS duties. The emphasis is on responding to a terrorist threat, as at the AWE sites. Active patrolling, checking people etc is key to the role resulting in intelligence reports etc. Essentially I think Idaho has the correct attitude towards the job. It is what it is and it pays very well for what it requires of the individual on a day to day basis. What it won't do is satisfy any yearning or call to a greater cause. What it must be, though, is taken seriously, although I'm sure there will be some sarcastic comments abound knowing some of the negative views about the MDP, from both in and outside I might add. If you want to be a Police officer in the general sense its not for you. If you're sick of the grind of Policing but don't want to completely waste those skills you've built up over the years, this may be for you.
  6. I think you're overlooking the CNI sites if you like overtime. They too have their share I can tell you.
  7. Seems that its been taken off the website. Apologies to anyone who subscribed to the site to view the material - I think you should ask for a refund since it's their mistake, not ours.
  8. state MPS taking on Transferees however the MPS website does not mention any such thing. Does anyone have any information on this matter?
  9. MDP - what's going on?

    It also appeared on a number of other Police Service's intranets - including Humberside Police - so we're not being singled out and lined up to be kicked out.
  10. CNC/MDP Merger I can't see anything about a merger?
  11. CNC Application

    Seems to me like either there's not enough applicants or the applicants they're getting are not up to scratch (or perhaps the bar just got higher??). The first deadline was the end of Feb, then the end of April, then Sept, and now October? Mighty strange!
  12. BTP AFO for transferees!

    What about those who transferred into the MDP about 2 years ago? With home office Police experience?
  13. The Police Service of Northern Ireland will launch a TRANSFEREE PROCESS for experienced Constables and Detective Constables on 1 July 2011. ... constables More opportunities!

    Any word on whether they plan to consider general transferees?
  15. CNC Application

    Are there any transferee's out there who've gone beyond the initial application stage? If so how is it going? Also, is it true that they are only giving 10 ten contracts? I can't see any confirmation of that on the website. Cheers folks