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  1. Anyone heard of Trenchard who tried to go this kind of thing in the 1930's? They were trained at Trenchard House, that old infamous Met section house in Soho I lived at for a short while, in London. It didn't work then and it won't work now. Personally I'm not sure what good the new Police commissioners are and this certainly won't do the job any favours either. I would make some political comments and quote Sheehy etc, but I'm not about to publicly make political statements and endanger whats left of my increasingly diminishing career.
  2. Next week (your first week) is the last week of the transferees course. A few of us will be stopping on for a couple more weeks after for an advanced tactics course. Looking forward to it?
  3. So many of you guys are starting in Sept? Im on a transferee course up at Wethersfield as I type (there's internet access in the library).
  4. pull