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  1. Yeh buttons to the top, a bit like a school shirt.
  2. Asda! £10!
  3. What else have we to take in with us other than P45? Yes joining Strathclyde :)
  4. Hi Yvonne! I start on 7th Nov also!! This is prob a stupid question but what are you carrying your boots in on first day? Carrier bag they came in? Holdall?
  5. Applied 13/4/2012

  6. Do a lot of people go to a local college course before applying??? I was thinking about doing this and felt a bit embarrased that i felt i needed it when so many people just apply and get through on their own! Glad its not just me! Do they really help?? I havent applied yet, im not so much worried about the SET/Fitness as i am about the interviews. As im a bit blonde and not one of these people who can talk away about something they know nothing about and make it sound like they do!! Im more likely to make myself look like an idiot!! Too scared to apply incase everything happens too fast and iv not had enough time to prepare. Was going to do the college course before sending in my aplication! xxxx
  7. thanks scott! x
  8. Hi guys! Whats the best study guides/past papers around?? Been having a look online and there seems to be loadsss!! xxxxxx
  9. Hi everyone! Totally new to this...havent even applied yet. Was wondering though, how are you supposed to prepare for your initial interview when you dont know whats going to be asked?? If your asked a question about diversity/racism etc how can you have a perfect example in your mind if your getting asked on the spot?! Also, people are talking about making sure you remember what you write in your application because you will be asked about it in more detail, but the strathclyde application doesnt ask you questions such as, why do you want to be in the force etc? I feel as though im looking at different information to everyone else?! ahhhh help! Thanks x