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  1. February starts

    You won't be allowed to wear any jackets during PE regardless of the weather, it's really just for your own time.
  2. November 7th starts

    My shoes have a small wedge just to stop my trousers dragging on the ground.
  3. November 7th starts

    You taking it in with you or leaving it in the car?
  4. November 7th starts

    Yeh does anyone know what we've to take in with us besides our P45's?
  5. November 7th starts

    Everyone all ready?
  6. Tulliallan 12th November 2012

    Yeh buttons to the top, a bit like a school shirt.
  7. Tulliallan 12th November 2012

    Asda! £10!
  8. November 7th starts

    Yeh I got N division which is also great distance wise. Took me about 20mins to open the letter, was convinced I'd get L lol Not long to go now!
  9. Tulliallan 12th November 2012

    What else have we to take in with us other than P45? Yes joining Strathclyde :)
  10. November 7th starts

    What division did divesting get? Did everyone get?** stupid predictive text!
  11. Tulliallan 12th November 2012

    Hi Yvonne! I start on 7th Nov also!! This is prob a stupid question but what are you carrying your boots in on first day? Carrier bag they came in? Holdall?
  12. November 7th starts

    Does anyone know what we have to take with us on the day? Notepad and pens? Our id?
  13. November 7th starts

    Me too! Passed my final on Wednesday and my medical this morning. Just fitness to go on the 17th!
  14. Strathclyde Police chat thread

    I done the SETs in July, they phoned the following day to say I'd passed then recieved the letter the day after that. I think you will probably get a letter tomorrow.

    Are there lots of people there with glasses? Does this matter?