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  1. Specials Expenses

    In TVP we get mileage, meal allowance and boot allowance.
  2. New recruit which boots to buy ?

    Bates boots are superb, can't reccommend them enough. Comfortable from day 1, really warm and 100% waterproof.
  3. Insured or not?

    Thanks for all the replies, interesting reading. I should have added in my original post that the two names being used were completely different. His birth name is obviously foreign, and the alias a very common English name. It would also appear that he was employed using the alias and if the company had done their checks they would have seen that he had an interesting background to his foreign name! Think I'll phone the insurers when I'm next in to see if he is covered.
  4. Insured or not?

    Whilst on duty recently I was involved a job whereby a gentleman was using two names, one being his birth name and one an alias name. Not uncommon, I know. However, this got me thinking. The gentleman's car was registered in his birth name, let's say John Smith, however the car was insured under his alias name, John Brown. These were the only two names associated with the vehicle and we could only work out that the two names belonged to the same person because they shared the same DOB and address. Would this gentleman be insured to drive the vehicle given then the name on the policy is not his birth name? Thanks,