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  1. OK...I'll ask. What message does number 4 send?
  2. Sorted - thank you to all for your help. In the end, it was exactly as written - once he supplied the new and old insurance paperwork, the officer was satisfied that it was simply a typographical error and no further action was taken. Nice to see a sensible outcome
  3. Mods - apologies in advance if this is classed as against the forum rules - I'm honestly not sure!? Just looking for some advice! Can anyone offer some advice for my brother-in-law with regards to insurance? He has a little scooter which gets him from A to B and has recently renewed the insurance policy on it. Unfortunately, when he's renewed it, he's typed the wrong registration plate accidentally on the website. His registration starts "CX" and he's typed "CV" in. He was stopped by an ANPR Police Car last night and given a presenter notice. He accepts that it is his mistake and he can modify his insurance so that it displays the correct insurance from today. The annoying thing is that the vehicle that he has insured that starts with CV is actually a car and not a motorbike, but the website does not run a registration check to confirm the vehicle make and model. They suggest that even though they supply bike insurance, they were not in a position to inform him that they've insured a car instead. He can prove that he had intention to insure the bike - he just made a mistake on the paperwork. Can anyone suggest his best course of action?
  4. Social worker: "Glen honey, I got a question for you. What do you do for a living? Quagmire: "I got a question for you. Why are you still here?" The best character on TV. Why they didn't do a spinoff about Quagmire instead of Cleveland is absolutely beyond me!
  5. Is what I get when I google that
  6. Outstanding. Whoever added the Rocky music is clearly a genius!
  7. What would that lead to?
  8. Who says size counts. Many a time has my trusted 3" Dolby LED torch got me into our storage warehouse in pitch black!
  9. Of course all northerners are law breakers. Like everyone from Wigan is a pie-eater and everyone from Liverpool is a thief. You are, infact, an arse. Buggar off back to the hole from which you emerged from.
  10. Congratulations Ironhand! Best of luck for Monday!
  11. Good to see someone called "me" actually put a rational reply into comments section at the bottom of his page. This guy sounds like an absolute twerp who chooses to argue the toss over something that should be a non-arguement because he feels his ego needs a massage by challenging a young Special. Get off the road. I can't even understand why there should be any response other than "OK"? You get the feeling the Special didn't get any respect because of his age. Still, perhaps young Pyle may have had a little authoritarian attitude that's riled Christian. Two sides to every story - you can be damn sure we haven't got it all on there.
  12. I've not read the whole thread, was just intrigued by this late post so I thought I'd intervene. ITV and Channel 4 are both in servere trouble. Both have already asked the BBC to "topslice" their licence fee so they can have a cut too, simply because advertising isn't paying enough any more. Did you know it's now cheaper to advertise on ITV1 than it is to advertise in the Daily Mail? Channel 5 survives because it's in bed with Sky. Sky are greedy - they charge a huge amount of money AND advertise on top - to which they're entitled to. I begrudge paying what I do to Sky, but I do so because I appreciate the entertainment it gives me, which I cannot get through other legal means. The whole purpose of the BBC is to provide quality entertainment without advertising. I agree that entertainment is subject to choice and taste, but my personal opinion is that they do a pretty good job of entertaining me throughout my day, and I'm happy to pay the licence fee to ensure it's survival.
  13. It's a glorified iPhone isn't it. Incredibly disappointed, I just don't get what it does differently, or why I'd ever actually use one? My Netbook is just as portable, better looking and has significantly more functionality. Will be very interesting to see what the reaction of the cult Mac fans will be. It's just not as revolutionary as everyone hopes for. Plus, disappointing to see no announcement about iPhone 4G or 4.0 software. Bit of a letdown, Steve!