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  2. 64% and I passed my final interview today : )
  3. RGK Thanks for your reply, I did what you mentioned yesterday by having a quiet word and I'm glad it was the right course of action. I did forget to put on the OP which was quite vital the fact that she said "I'm definitely still drunk" when she got in, how silly of me to leave such an important quote out of it! Thanks again for the reply
  4. Hello I need advise please. I am a special constable in training, I work in an office for a major UK football club at their ground. The end of season party was last night which I did not attend due to I am a temp worker for one month here. My collegue has just come in, sat right next to me and is still drunk from the night before (can smell it) and admitted she drove in and that she should'nt have. I am stuck as to what to do, I feel awkward as she knows I am a special an as I am new here and do not know everybody here yet and she has worked here for years. What would be the best course of action? apart from the obvious and making sure she does not enter her car again whilst I am able to influence that Any help appreciated many thanks