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  1. GCSE's

    Update on this. I rang them this morning to tell them and try to explain and it turns out on my application form. I just put the GCSE's I'd done but did not put any grades down! Thank god! I could've sworn I'd put down some grades but It seems I need to have a bit more confidence in myself next time!
  2. GCSE's

    Hello all I am currently going through vetting to become a regular and they have asked for copies of my GCSE's (O level) certificates, Now Its been 15 years since I did these exams and to be quite honest I genuinely could not remember what my grades were, I've done higher education since and I've never needed them before so on my initial application I put what I thought they were. I Put down that I had D's for English, Science and Maths Anyhow, I've managed to get a statement of my results from the exam board and it actually shows me as having E's instead of D's! So would this be a problem as obviously I have got them wrong? although they were wrong I havent made out that I got A's or B's knowing that I did terribly - I was just trying to gather an opinion on wether this could be an integrity issue at all?! I been worried about it for a couple of days now! Thank you for viewing :)
  3. assessment centre scores

    North Wales
  4. assessment centre scores

    64% and I passed my final interview today : )
  5. BTP Communication Officer

    Who had cereal for breakfast this morning? Cereal is made from wheat and oats and sometimes rice Who had something else? Why did you have something else?
  6. Gutted - failed at the final interview

    NPIA said 18 months to me last week (nationally) when they rang me regarding a seperate query and I asked them some questions whilst I had them on the phone. I have my AC coming up in 2 weeks but my old AC is still valid but the force I applied for were not accepting transferred applications so I have to do it again I think its force specific but even if its 12 months its still long enough for another force to surely be recruiting, it just may mean you have to relocate if possible
  7. Gutted - failed at the final interview

    Sonj_11 sorry to hear about your interview but remember your assessment centre results are valid for 18 months. You could use them to transfer to a recruiting force, I know not many are taking on right now but within that 18 months there should be more options opening up to you.
  8. Durham Constabulary

    I would be surprised if any more post was to come mate unfortunately, I withdrew my A grade app from north Wales to submit to Durham but yet no letter which I'm gutted about so the people who have passed have done So well
  9. Durham Constabulary

    Nothing for me today!
  10. Applying to too many forces?

    On a positive note it shows that you are determined to do the career you want to do so much that your willing to make great lifestyle changes like relocating for example. It also shows resiliancy to bounce back, develop and try again, Im a special and one of the most respected regs at my station took seven attempts before he got in, hes now doing his Sgts exam this year with full support from his block. Times are hard for people wanting to do this career and although most people are not able to relocate at the drop of a hat due to family commitments, People have to show a strong desire to just do the job they would love. The forces (unintentionally) dont show loyalty to the applicant. I was dropped from Essex's recruitment pool in 2010 and it made me realise that I need to be flexible and take the opportunities when I can.
  11. Durham Constabulary

    Check the website! Think its 3rd March
  12. Durham Constabulary

    I was told 20 people from this recruitment event - so thats 20 from a 1000 applicants!
  13. Durham Constabulary

    Has anyone applied for Durham? I applied yesterday and they would have received my application today so now its fingers crossed time! :)
  14. London weighting

    Ryobi Your picture disturbs me :-\ quote name='Ryobi' timestamp='1317299181' post='494915'] Its all on their website: On commencing service £22,680 On completion of initial training £25,962 London Allowance £4,338 London Weighting £2,106 Ashford, Guildford, Milton Keynes, Reading, Southend Allowance £2000 Brighton, Southampton, Portsmouth Allowance £1000 https://www.btprecru...po_benefits.asp