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  1. Tell you what no free weights and limited machines. Depends what you are looking for when I was there I was into cardio and low weights and the gym was ok for that. If you are a body builder the gym won't do you.
  2. Sounds like a fraudulent scheme (Scotland) to me but hey I would need to know more.
  3. Count to ten before you post. Good advice there bud.
  4. Once took a male to the cells for D and I. Seached and found a big pink dildo in his pocket. The male then said that he used the dildo on the cold nights as he switched it to vibrate and it warmed his handswith it lol. He then took his boots off to reveal that he was wearing fish net stockings. He then stated that he wore the fish nets to keep warm on the cold nights. lol. When he took his trousers off I said I suppose the suspender belt also keeps you warm on the cold nights. At this point the Custody Sgt was on the floor with laughter. Another strange night on the beat.
  5. Hi My tip for definitions is record them on to your phone / mp3 player and listen to them over and over and speak them out loud over and over. Worked for me I used to be able to reel them all off verbatim. Its amazing how quickly you forget them once you leave the college. I just hope your voice is not as monotone as mine bored myself to tears. :) I spent so much time on road and never ever got asked for the definition of a road. Good luck
  6. Just a resource. Probably mean a lot to the Handler as they will bond with the dog
  7. You could be charged with theft and urinating in public. Not saying you will be as I was not there and don,t know all the fact but from what you have posted that is the crimes you have committed.
  8. Point taken. I am unsure how Police in England have been effected by Windsor. I suppose that is the only good thing to come from Devolution In Scotland. Big Eck know how to look after the Police.
  9. In my life I have met loads of people who have said I remember when this was a good job. Back in the good old days eh. They all sound like Uncle Albert. I work in Scotland things may be better up here. I mean we are paying 1% more on the pension and moving to one force. But it is still a good job. I know the pay is rubbish but it is better than being bored at work all day. I was bored in my last job for 9 years and that is really bad try doing 8 hrs a day 5 days a week in a mind numbing job you hate then come back and complain about morale being low in the job. The fact is in all walks of life things change not always for the better. You can either be the person who say "THE JOBS ----ED" or the person who grabs life by the Divina McCalls and and makes the most of it. I have lots of different personalities during my working life and it is a fact that the people who moan bring the rest down with them if you listen to them. I try to stay away from negative people for that reason. The simple fact of all the problems this country has is over spending by the public coupled by banks gambling with our money couple with years and years of golden pensions that were unsustainable due to people living to long. I took a pay drop to join the Police and I am glad I did. Pay and conditions are nice but they are not the be all and end all to life. Would you like to make £200 a month more for the rest of you working life in a job you hate and end up with a pension less than you will get know(and work to 65). I did not think so.
  10. My moral is high I hate it when I have a day off. All I want to do is lock up bad guys and learn more everyday. People who are saying that they are going through the motions should leave the job. What do people want. We get good pay get to drive fast,lock up bad guys find out about all sorts of interesting things. I love my Job.
  11. http://blogs.dailyrecord.co.uk/recordview/2012/07/theyre-the-thin-brew-line.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+TheDailyRecord-RecordView+%28The+Daily+Record+-+Record+View%29 They're the thin brew line By RecordView on Jul 27, 12 07:00 AM in SCOTLAND'S hard-working police are among the best in the world. But in today's Daily Record, they are warned by senior police chief Campbell Corrigan that they are not above the law. His outburst came after four of his Strathclyde officers were spotted parking on a double yellow line to pop into Starbucks for a coffee and doughnuts. Their gaffe was caught on camera - and it looks like the errant cops will now be getting the hairdryer treatment from their bosses. While illegal parking may not be the crime of the century, Mr Corrigan is right to crack down on such behaviour. Unlike other countries, the police in Scotland are part of the community and subject to the same laws as everyone else. Yet most of us have seen police undertaking on the motorway, or parking in the wrong place - or even getting heavyhanded with a punter when a quiet chat would suffice. For the few, there seems to be one rule for them... and another for the rest of us. As Scotland prepares to bring in a new merged police force, the future of law enforcement is being put under the spotlight as never before. Clearly, there are those at a high level who want to see old habits, some of them bad habits, stamped out in the new force. The Daily Record will support these moves every step of the way. It's great to see police out and about on their meal breaks rather than back in the station canteen, but they can't park on double yellows while they are doing it. If cops flagrantly breach the very laws they are meant to uphold, it drives a wedge between them and the public. In Britain, we police by consent. Without the consent and cooperation of the public, the system falls down. We should never forget that police are there to serve us - not the other way around. Even if they are desperate for a cappuccino. This story really annoys me as what they forget to say is that the Police are never really on a break as if a call comes in they have to go if no one is available during their break. So if they park the car miles away from the coffe shop to get a coffe and an emergency call comes in they will have to run back to the car. If I required the Police fast I would hope that where ever they are they can get in the car as quickly as possible and respond immediately. So what the Daily Record are say is that they would rather cops just did not have a coffee. People in public office are so easy to attack. I do however agree that Police need to comply with laws. But what I fail too see is the agenda of tabliods printing stories like this as they are hardly news issues. Rant over
  12. 3 years in I still polish my boots almost every day. I don't need to as most of the shift cut about in scuffed up scruffy boots and don't get pulled up. Shoes/ Boots say alot about a man/woman (some probably think I am a muppet but I don't care. It's about being profesional). Don't bull them thoug as most have said you can't maintain that working on the streets but it does not take long to run a brush over them at the start of a shift. Look the part and take pride in yourself and your work and everything else will fall into place.
  13. The definition of BOP is Scotland has changed and is harder to uses as a result. Breach of the Peace is a Crime at Common law Constituted by one or more persons conducting himself or themselves in a riotous or disorderly manner Where such behaviour causes alarm to ordinary members of the public. or threatens severe disturbance within the community. Police Officers are not ordinary memebers of the public. BOP can still be used with only Police witnesses if you state in the SPR that at the time of the offence that there were several members of the public who were alrmed by the behaviour of the accused that were not traced as they left the locus whilst Police controlled the accused. So unless you could prove that ordinary memebers of the Public were alarmed by some one shouting "GET A REAL JOB" it would not be a crime. Section 38 of the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010 could be streched to cover it. Why not just driver by the rude person and be the bigger person or stop him and subject him to a PNC check and look for grounds for a search if you have time.
  14. Hello, I have put myself forward for Olympics mutual aid. Where do our colleagues from the MET think we will be housed ie in central London or away in the sticks? I am hoping the former so that during down time I can soak up the Olympic atmosphere and visit the sights as I have not been in London for 25 years. Exciting times. Ok I will probably be standing on a point for 12 hrs a day but it will be a change of sceneary.