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  1. Hey bororich, there's no straight answer really but if it's as simple as you say it is, I'd think it wouldn't stop you getting in. You could speak to vetting about it as they'd be best placed to give you a more definitive answer.
  2. It's different in Scotland Paul, we're with our tutors for longer
  3. Haha Lauren that's so bad it's good
  4. Thanks Stripes. When do you start? Haha yeah Polly! My radio alarm is broken so I've only got the one on my phone, but I doubt I'll be asleep anyway! This time tomorrow... :) One less second hardly seems much faster Chris! Mind over matter!
  5. That would be great Chris! I did it for my fitness test but I've never practiced it myself before so I'm not sure whether my fitness has deteriorated or if it's just because there's no one else doing it with me. Every little helps!
  6. That's brilliant, well done! Haha I'm glad it's better practising with someone else, that gives me hope! Only got 6.3 yesterday. Yeah I start on Monday, alternating between giddiness and fear. Just trying to keep myself busy today!
  7. Hey Lauren, Gem said you smashed the bleep but meant to ask what you got? And you Chris? I need some inspiration!
  8. Haha Polly that's amazing! Well I meant cos he makes it look so easy, not cos I fancy running across America! Very profound
  9. How'd you get on with the bleep Gem? Haha Lauren when I was out running yesterday I was thinking about how I wished I was Forrest Gump.
  10. 5 months?! I'd have been climbing the walls! The wait for vetting to come back was the worst bit for me... You'd think I had a record but was just worried they'd find something I didn't know about!
  11. Hey Paul, Which force have you applied for? I take it you're at the vetting stage now? My vetting took 7 weeks and that was for Grampian. I've heard of vetting taking between 4 and 11 weeks with Scottish forces, it can just vary so much. I know the wait can feel interminably long! Rox
  12. I think I didn't wear them in enough before I started, or maybe put too thick layers of polish on at a time. Being ultra careful this time! Yeah I melted it off with a lighter, came off easy enough. See Gem there are so many conflicting ways to do it! Someone else has told me to avoid hot water! I have a selvyt cloth which seems really good, it's minging now though, needs a wash! Cool, I'll check PMs now thanks. Haha, all you need is to pass it at the end of the day, you're clearly putting the effort in.
  13. Well done Gem that's awesome! You must be chuffed. Haha yeah I'll save you one. How'd your cousin get on with your shoes? I started over with mine, when I put them on the polish came up in bubbly cracks all over the toe caps, couldn't get it fixed
  14. How was your run Gem? Take it easy if you're shattered, maybe you need a rest day? I've discovered my frying pan doesn't do pancakes... Happy Yorkshire pudding day!
  15. Ah don't worry about me Polly, I might end up driving anyway. Book whichever flight works best for you! Thanks for the offers Lauren and Gem! :) Gem I'm so jealous you've got your uniform home with you! Do you just keep looking at it?! Went out without my phone again today, going to have to be more careful!!