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  1. Has it 'cost' £3.8m? When we work out cost we often include the salary of the officers posted to such duties...which is misleading as they would have been paid that salary whether they were sat on a neighbourhood team, sat in the diversity team or off sick. I believe the true cost would be MUCH lower.
  2. I think maybe your friend was checking to see if you had/would grass him up. It is no benefit to me or any other officer when I am investigating a crime to get one of the defendant's mates (who is possibly a mook) to give me a statement saying how much of a mook the defendant is. NB Mook: (/muk/) A disagreeable or incompetent person. A character whose contribution to the story is negligible.
  3. New Starters

    One intake a month now.
  4. What is 'right' about swearing at the police?
  5. Main public concerns

    I guarantee that on my response hub if we didn't have domestics then we could actually make a huge impact on ASB, drugs, burglary and gang crime. However, as it is most cars will attend a minimum 3 domestics each a day. From deployment to arrival is usually up to 5 minutes on grade 1 or between 10 minutes and a n hour on a grade 2. Dealing at the property can take anything from 5 minutes to a few hours and that is just for the domestic where nobody is arrested. These same 'no crime' domestics then require us to fill in a DV form which takes at least 10 minutes and if you do it properly conducting all the background checks it can take 45 minutes. Due to domestics being a politically charged subject they will take priority over ASB calls even if the ASB calls have been in longer.
  6. You don't need to be traffic to combat drink driving. In Merseyside we have a summer drink drive campaign on and as a patrol section (I am currently a Special but work often with response) we set up an operation on our evening shift once we had handed over to nights. In around 2 hours I conducted 21 roadside breath tests and my colleague completed around 10. Most were zero and a couple were passes. Get a speedgun. Set up a sterile area for pulling over motorists. Work an arterial route out of an urban area for a couple of hours. Stop vehicles which speed or commit another moving traffic offence. Set tasks for each person eg 1 stopping the vehicles, 2 breathalysing, 1 conducting the PNC checks, 1 advanced driver in case of FTS and a couple to operate the speedgun/assist with any searches/speak to sus passengers. I have to say it was a great success in terms of impact on persons seeing police presence, educating drivers about our operation and I also managed to seize an uninsured car.
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  8. New Starters

    Okay I just wondered if you knew: When the driving assessment is & when the 1 week of annual leave is?
  9. New Starters

    Hi guys, Just been given my start date for August. Can anyone PM me the timetable? I would be most grateful!
  10. If you could carry an off-duty firearm....

    30-40 years ago summary beatings were our culture as was taking bribes, refusing to investigate prostitute rapes, 'verbals', allowing a man to rape his wife with legal immunity, discriminating against gay people etc. Times change.

    Fellatio from a 14 year old, to a 17 year old? Without relationship. ILLEGAL (*1) Sex between a 15 year old and a 17 year old? Without relationship. ILLEGAL (*1) Sex between a 15 year old and an 18 year old, in a committed relationship with no domestic abuse? ILLEGAL (*2) Use and sale of Marijuana? ILLEGAL (*3) Holding an image of two under 16 girls, in just underwear, on a mobile device? ILLEGAL/LEGAL? (*4) (1*) Offence of sexual activity with a child, contrary to S9 Sexual Offences Act 2003 , however because offender is under 18 the offence is dealt with by S13 Sexual Offences Act 2003, and therefore if found guilty would be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months or a fine not exceeding the statutory maximum or both; OR on conviction on indictment, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 5 years. (2*) Offence of sexual activity with a child contrary to S9 Sexual Offences Act 2003, because the offender is over 18 the substantive offence is used and because the activity involved penetration if found guilty would be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 14 years. The relationship is irrelevant and would only go to show that they knew of the girl's age. (3*) Offence of Possession of cannabis (a Class B controlled drug) with intent to supply is contrary to S5(3) Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. If found guilty summarily he may be liable up to a £5000 fine, six months imprisonment or both. If found guilty on indictment he would be liable to an unlimited fine, up to 14 years imprisonment or both. There are other offences though it is most likely that possession with intent to supply will be appropriate if a large quantity of drugs are found in his possession alongside evidence of dealing. (4*) It is unclear what offence has been committed if any. Dependent upon the photographs themselves, how he came to be in their possession and what he intended to do with them he may commit an offence contrary to the Protection of Children Act 1978. All advice given is in good faith, but with all legal queries you are advised to seek professional legal advice. I will not take liability for any actions you take having read the advice as it is intended for educational and discussion purposes only.
  12. Merseyside on Hold..

    Over the first 10 years persons on the new payscale lose out on approx £25,000
  13. Merseyside on Hold..

    Nice one guys. Hopefully they can speed things up with my app so i can join you on the 18th!
  14. Merseyside on Hold..

    Hey, me nosing in again. Not technically on-hold as I am an internal applicant but have fitness, medical and DNA over the next 10 days. I already have CTC clearance so please keep posting any tidbits over intake dates you hear: it keeps me excited.
  15. New Starters

    Hey everyone I have my fitness, medical and dna/fingerprints appointments over the next 10 days. That will just leave vetting. I already have my CTC clearance passed so does anyone know how long the regs vetting will take?