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  1. Has it 'cost' £3.8m? When we work out cost we often include the salary of the officers posted to such duties...which is misleading as they would have been paid that salary whether they were sat on a neighbourhood team, sat in the diversity team or off sick. I believe the true cost would be MUCH lower.
  2. I think maybe your friend was checking to see if you had/would grass him up. It is no benefit to me or any other officer when I am investigating a crime to get one of the defendant's mates (who is possibly a mook) to give me a statement saying how much of a mook the defendant is. NB Mook: (/muk/) A disagreeable or incompetent person. A character whose contribution to the story is negligible.
  3. What is 'right' about swearing at the police?
  4. I guarantee that on my response hub if we didn't have domestics then we could actually make a huge impact on ASB, drugs, burglary and gang crime. However, as it is most cars will attend a minimum 3 domestics each a day. From deployment to arrival is usually up to 5 minutes on grade 1 or between 10 minutes and a n hour on a grade 2. Dealing at the property can take anything from 5 minutes to a few hours and that is just for the domestic where nobody is arrested. These same 'no crime' domestics then require us to fill in a DV form which takes at least 10 minutes and if you do it properly conducting all the background checks it can take 45 minutes. Due to domestics being a politically charged subject they will take priority over ASB calls even if the ASB calls have been in longer.
  5. Fellatio from a 14 year old, to a 17 year old? Without relationship. ILLEGAL (*1) Sex between a 15 year old and a 17 year old? Without relationship. ILLEGAL (*1) Sex between a 15 year old and an 18 year old, in a committed relationship with no domestic abuse? ILLEGAL (*2) Use and sale of Marijuana? ILLEGAL (*3) Holding an image of two under 16 girls, in just underwear, on a mobile device? ILLEGAL/LEGAL? (*4) (1*) Offence of sexual activity with a child, contrary to S9 Sexual Offences Act 2003 , however because offender is under 18 the offence is dealt with by S13 Sexual Offences Act 2003, and therefore if found guilty would be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months or a fine not exceeding the statutory maximum or both; OR on conviction on indictment, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 5 years. (2*) Offence of sexual activity with a child contrary to S9 Sexual Offences Act 2003, because the offender is over 18 the substantive offence is used and because the activity involved penetration if found guilty would be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 14 years. The relationship is irrelevant and would only go to show that they knew of the girl's age. (3*) Offence of Possession of cannabis (a Class B controlled drug) with intent to supply is contrary to S5(3) Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. If found guilty summarily he may be liable up to a £5000 fine, six months imprisonment or both. If found guilty on indictment he would be liable to an unlimited fine, up to 14 years imprisonment or both. There are other offences though it is most likely that possession with intent to supply will be appropriate if a large quantity of drugs are found in his possession alongside evidence of dealing. (4*) It is unclear what offence has been committed if any. Dependent upon the photographs themselves, how he came to be in their possession and what he intended to do with them he may commit an offence contrary to the Protection of Children Act 1978. All advice given is in good faith, but with all legal queries you are advised to seek professional legal advice. I will not take liability for any actions you take having read the advice as it is intended for educational and discussion purposes only.
  6. Why would a 30 year old as a Chief Con be such a bad idea? If hes a crap copper it doesn't matter what age he is, but by the same virtue I know several outspoken Inspectors who are around 30 who would make excellent Chief Cons. The current long slog to Chief Constable level means by the time people reach ACPO rank it can be MANY years since they have been out on the streets - leading to management who are out of touch with the troops and the job.
  7. no pcsos in scotland area BTP
  8. PCSO power to detain comes from Police Reform Act 2002 and they can further be given the power to use reasonable force for this detainment. The power to use force in detention also stems from Police Reform Act 2002. PCSOs have much more power than a MOP (dont read that as if i am power hungry). If a MOP witnesses a S5 POA offence they have no standing in law to do ANYTHING except ring 999. If I witness a s5 POA offence I can approach the suspect and require their name and address and issue (if they are eligible) an £80 PND for this and if they aren't eligible then they can be reported at a later date. If they should fail to give name and address/i reasonably believe the details to be false then I will detain them pending the arrival of a constable. If they indicate any aggression/desire to escape and I can justify it then I will use force to maintain control and if need be I will handcuff them. FYI any person can carry handcuffs legally...they are not off-weap....the only problem is when they are used technically it is an assault and the person using them must justify exactly the same way as a constable has to.
  9. Hello my name is Police Community Support Officer xxxxxxxxx. I am employed by XXXXX Police Force. I should point out to you that I have no constabulary powers, but whilst on duty and in uniform I do have extended powers above those of a normal subject. II am in a non confrontational role which sees me patrolling the street wearing a distinctive uniform. If I see an incident Police Officers expect me to call them first just in case there is any confrontation. I will however be criticised for not getting involved by all parties involved. I will not be backed up in my use of force even though it is entirely within the constraints of the law and codes of conduct. Do you still want my assistance sir/madam? This is how most PCSOs I know are starting to feel. It is not the public who are making them feel this way. Next time you decide to vent your frustration on PCSOs, make sure you understand the role, the powers and the contradictions in the role profile.....
  10. QK and QH both had street duties there when i have visited on my travels. STT based at QH.
  11. Hello matey, I think it is very dependant upon where you are based as to how well you are used, London undeground area I find we do a good job. However depending on which station you arfe based depends on the type of policing you do. In central I think it is alot of hi-vis patrols doing station checks and responding to low level calls. Further out where I am, we do community engagement, crime prevention surveys, graffiti operations, lots of knife arch operations, and solving the problems given to us by the communtiy, On London North you'll be checking tickets with revenue all day but seriously I think it can be a fantastic opportunity with BTP they give you the powers and the freedom to do a good job that I just don't feel certain boroughs of the met do. Station Staff Revenue Staff Shop Staff on stations Train Drivers Train Maintainers Train Managers Station Security Depot Security Senior Maagement for Train Operating Company Passenegers Residents living local to stations (yes they are covered by locals, but if an issue with station locals can't do anything about it) The above form the core of the community on the railway and there are many many more.
  12. Do PCSOs have a power to detain for this offence ?
  13. might be me being stupid after a few lagers but Affray? I certainly know my granny would be scared for her safety if two bloodied men were swinging it out at a fair with 150 onlookers chanting..... :whistle2:
  14. Sorry two things; 1. Absolute tosh, a train guard does not wear a high-vis whilst on the train as it is not necessary, however he will always have one in his cabin. GBM cleaning services who work on the railway wear hi-vis. G4Securicor who work the barrierline for Southeastern wear hi-vis. London Underground staff who work on the platforms wear hi-vis. So that argument is duff. 2.Change the tune, get over it. If you ask any one of the staff on the stations I cover they are EXTREMELY happy with the work I do. I gain intelligence for NST. I do more stops than most response officers. I am also a believer that PCSOs do need to get stuck in WHEN THEY FEEL ABLE AND SAFE TO DO SO. Otherwise we become a toothless tiger. If I have an incident that I risk assess and I can deal with solo/until other units can attend I will. You need to learn that most incidents that people say PCSOs have no power to deal with...of course we do, And just because certain officers feel invincible behind their baton and captor and "full constabulary powers" I am not going to write off PCs as big headed and arrogant. 90% of the time all that is needed is effective communication! Rant over
  15. If you are on the Underground/National Rail service you must show on demand a valid ticket for your entire journey. The people you MUST show your tickets to if requested are; Any police officer Any railway employee (ie.London Underground, Southeastern but not GBM cleaning services ) British Transport Police PCSOs If you fail to comply you can find yourself in dark smelly stuff, under the Regulation of the Railways Act 1889 and/or Railway Byelaws. Hope this helps NB if you do not have a ticket you are also obliged in law to furnish the above persons with your name and address upon request