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  1. Met transferee/rejoiner interview

    I agree, I will sign up for what ever they wish to throw at me.... For now!
  2. Met transferee/rejoiner interview

    I have received the same email.....
  3. Met transferee/rejoiner interview

    Apparently they can put you on medical hold if there are any issues, it will not stop the progress but will require signing off. Enforce a final offer is made. That's what I was told by another applicant on my assessment day.
  4. Met transferee/rejoiner interview

    In my old force we had to be response, investigators, interview & process all of your own prisoners and If i think real hard I can remember ink rolling every finger of every prisoner that got charged.... I'm not going to be doing that for ever but if it gets me in we'll..... Happy days!
  5. Met transferee/rejoiner interview

    Today I have attempted to call Ellie in order to establish the current state in relation to vetting but, got voice mail......
  6. Met transferee/rejoiner interview

    Was the sickness related rejections at the application stage or were they rejected at the vetting stage?.... I don't mean to pry just trying to work out how recruitment work because its been two months since passing interviews and other than enquiries that I have made I have heard nothing in relation to vetting pass/fail. Thanks in advance.
  7. Met transferee/rejoiner interview

    Has anyone been rejected yet?
  8. Met transferee/rejoiner interview

    I have no clue what the plan is for me!!!!!!!!!
  9. Met transferee/rejoiner interview

    You & me both mate..... I am in the exact same position as you and the not knowing is killing me.... Why I don't know other than its last chance salon for my Police Career..
  10. Met transferee/rejoiner interview

    Hi, I'm in the same boat coming in from Swindon, I am looking at maybe driving part of the way and then picking up the train which from didcot they run a little earlier.
  11. Met transferee/rejoiner interview

    I wonder if it would be safe for me to assume the same as, I did my assessment a week before you so we should be about the same..... There is only so many enquiries they can make, my life is way to boring for them to take this long....
  12. Met transferee/rejoiner interview

    I completed my assessment and handed my vetting papers in mid January, most here have had a call from vetting for what ever reason but I have not heard anything..... I don't know weather to be pleased or concerned.
  13. Met transferee/rejoiner interview

    Today I have contacted recruitment and received the following response, vetting is still underway and they will be making reference requests shortly, the intake date for rejoiners is 17th June and this will be my start date for the MPS. In short, all hopes that us rejoiners would get an early start..... It is not going to happen... But at least I now know so I can plan for that....
  14. Met transferee/rejoiner interview

    Lol..... I am sat here trying too man up and pluck up the courage to call and ask the question...... I am not worthy!!!