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  1. Agreed... 110% The best advice given so far in relation to your poor driving has to be.... Get over it... !!!
  2. My car is actually a Vauxhall Insignia CDTI I have no idea why I lied, maybe I'm a compulsive liar just trying to fit in by making out I have something no one else could possibly own....
  3. I had to do a 2 week basic course and 4 week response then, crew bus then, pursuit.... Oh how times have changed.... I did get my cycling proficiency certificate quite quick
  4. Vauxhall Amiga DTI colour black..... Prefer my Alfa Romeo may she rest in peace!
  5. You will be fine, not knowing something is okay, not knowing where to get the answer is the problem.... You will never know everything but it will be somewhere between 3 & 5 years before you think you know most things! Good luck to you, we have all been there!
  6. I too would like to see the lane 2 straddlers targeted because not only do they encourage undertaking which is dangerous but, they slow the roads down effecting the economy and they should pay for that.... Can't really argue with your
  7. I agree that those who drive in lane 2 are a pain, during busy times lane 3 of the M4 is always the slowest because those that position themselves in lane 2 cause a bottle neck by pushing all the traffic into lane 3. This is careless and inconsiderate. Why would you want to undertake on a three lane motorway because some one is sat in lane 2, are you travelling faster than those in lane 3 why not move into lane three??? Are we talking about a2 lane motorway? If you are on a motorway you would indicate to pull into lane 2 in order to over take, you do not need to indicate to pull back in because, you should be travelling faster than those in lane 1 and with that in mind other drivers will not benefit from a signal, if you assume that the car in lane 2 is planning to stay there without reason and you make the decision to undertake and you are wrong and the car in lane 2 pulls in, no indication and not expecting some boy racer to zoom up the inside... What will the result be? In my years in policing I don't know of target driven policing other than detected crimes so, what's you experience here?
  8. What does stepping outside of his authority suggest?
  9. What I said was "suggested" and if you refer to your original post "stepping outside of his authority" which to me would suggest unlawful as a Police Officers authority comes from within the law. Nuff said!!!!!
  10. I have to say, I think your missing the point..... Initially you suggested that the Police Officers actions was unlawful which, if you make a claim like that on a forum dominated by Police Officers you right or wrong you are going to get a response but the fact remains, you are wrong, the Police Officer acted lawfully and whilst you don't agree with his reasons for stopping you respect should be given for the fact that he took the time to give the reason. I believe that your original argument was as a result of you believing the common misconception that a Police officer has to give a reason and by the very fact you did not agree with his reason you found his actions to be unlawful... You are wrong... It really is that simple!
  11. I get what you saying but, I don't understand why he would do that.... Traffic tend to be class one advanced drivers so, there are times that they may see something that maybe does not register with the average motorist as an offence and it may not be a huge issue but some times, the manner in which some people drive will uncover less obvious offences.
  12. Maybe the wind was blowing but then maybe you were drunk, how does the officer know? Police Officers do not need to make things up to stop you because.... They can stop you at any time, all part of the deal that allows you to drive on a road... Most Police Officers give a reason to keep the customer happy but, they don't have too so lying would be pointless....
  13. The offence of careless and inconsiderate driving seems complete to me, the matter of did the officer use the correct wording sounds like a litigation sideshow used by the guilty....... Just my opinion!