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  1. Merseyside Police Jan 2017 Recruitment

    It probably will come back on the enhanced CRB check.....and it may well impact on your vetting. However, that being said - I joined in the last 10 years - and there was someone on my intake who had a fixed penalty notice against him that he didn't contest and paid (so he claimed) so you may be fine.
  2. Merseyside Police Jan 2017 Recruitment

    As someone who interviews the applicants for MerPol - I can say the sheer volume of people we get through makes it a little impractical to give feedback. That being said, I do think in an ideal world people should get feedback - some candidates just miss out, and some are just terrible - feedback would be useful for both to allow them to do better next time if they want another shot.

    Ring your force legal department - they'll give you a "yay/nay" whether you can do it. In any event if he refuses to attend for a V/A and if legal tell you can't legally arrest in the circ's - then put the file to CPS anyway with an explanation as to why there's no interview. Cover yourself with a letter to the suspect pointing out that by refusing to attend for a V/A you won't be able to put any defence or mitigation forward at this stage to the CPS and this may increase the chances of them being charged with the offence..