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  1. hi, im not sure if i had mine 3rd march 09 but i did have mine in march 09, im currently waitng for a start date as i passed my fitness 4th december 09, how far are you?
  2. The Letter - Full until April 2010

    I hope so Plackow, that would be fantastic!
  3. The Letter - Full until April 2010

    hi, i phoned up last week and was told as i didnt pass fitness till last December i will be looking at end of this year for a start date so not looking good
  4. arghh fitness west mids

    nope, had my letter confirming i passed fitness but last i heard on here was that theres 200 people waitin for start date and they are full till april, only takin on 18 every 6 weeeks after this, so can imagine how long the wait will be but im still hoping for next summer lol when do u have ur fitness test?
  5. arghh fitness west mids

    hi gridgirl, i passed my fitness test, i trained by doing circuit training classes twice a week and some running/cycling once a week, but even so i found it quite difficult so do as much training as you think you need, good luck xx
  6. fitness test

    i passed!! i cant believe it, it was so hard though, much harder than i expected!
  7. fitness test

    hi, i have my fitness test tomorrow morning, has anyone got theirs too? any last advice would be great! jacky
  8. lung capacity

    i smoke and had no problems, blew 450 so i wouldnt worry about it
  9. The Letter - Full until April 2010

    hi, just thought i would share some information as there seems to be some confusion, i phoned recruitment yesterday to clarify all this speculation about fitness and they assured me that once you have passed fitness test you do not need to take it again regardless of start date, as it is their fault the process takes so long and not yours. hope this puts people's mind at rest! jacky
  10. Do your fitness test results expire??

    hi fifi, i dont think they will require you to do fitness again for west mids, you dont even get tested again until the end of your 2 year probation period so i wouldnt worry too much.
  11. hi all, had my letter today and my fitness test is 4th december 8.30am, anyone else have theirs that day? im so scared, i dont think im ready, ive been doin 2 circuit classes a week and can run 3 miles but am pretty knackered at end of that lol i really hope i pass, help!! all advice appreciated!
  12. passed medical

    i passed my assesment day in april x
  13. passed medical

    hi all, passed my medical for west mids yesterday so just waitin for fitness now. was told that it will still take a while until my fitness and at least 6 months till start date as they so busy, how long did people wait between medical and fitness who passed theirs this year for west mids?
  14. Well, This morning was my fitness test..

    shoot!! thats not what i wanted to hear lol
  15. Well, This morning was my fitness test..

    hi, congrats on passing, u must feel fsbulous!!! how did u find it then, tell me everythin lol im so scared lol x