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  1. Do your fitness test results expire??

    hi fifi, i dont think they will require you to do fitness again for west mids, you dont even get tested again until the end of your 2 year probation period so i wouldnt worry too much.
  2. passed medical

    i passed my assesment day in april x
  3. passed medical

    hi all, passed my medical for west mids yesterday so just waitin for fitness now. was told that it will still take a while until my fitness and at least 6 months till start date as they so busy, how long did people wait between medical and fitness who passed theirs this year for west mids?
  4. Well, This morning was my fitness test..

    shoot!! thats not what i wanted to hear lol
  5. Well, This morning was my fitness test..

    hi, congrats on passing, u must feel fsbulous!!! how did u find it then, tell me everythin lol im so scared lol x
  6. west midlands fitness test

    hi all, just thought i would start a new thread concentrating on west mildlands fitness test as it seems to be the only force that has the circuit as their test, all other forces have the bleep test..... would really appreciate any advice and information from anyone who has completed the west mids fitness test? whats the best way to prepare? how difficult is it? anything in particular i should focus on whilst training?
  7. west midlands police

    it took 15months to be called for your medical from passing your assessment centre? that is ridiculous
  8. west midlands police

    hi all, just wondering how long you waited from passing your assessment centre till you got your medical apppintment? i passed around a month ago and have been preparing a lot for my fitness but would just like an idea of how much longer i have to prepare? thankyou
  9. WMP Fitness 08/06/09

    hi, dont have fitness test yet but im just referring to other post, you never answred my question about how long it took from passing your assessment centre to being called for your medical?
  10. West Mids Fitness Test

    hi, i havent had a date for medical yet, passed assessment centre in april, how long did it take from when u passed assessment centre to having your medical?
  11. West Mids Fitness Test

    hi, what did ur medical include and how long did it take? thx
  12. greatly appreciate some advce...

    im not doing the bleep test, mines the circuit......and yes please would be great if you could pm me, thanks ever so much
  13. west mids fitness preperation

    im female too 5ft8 and 11 n half stone, hoping to lose a bit in process lol
  14. hi, have posted a new topic earlier but nobody seems to reply, i would really like some advce on what sort of training programme i should draw up in order to get through west mids fitness test, could u tell me wot u all did to prepare xx
  15. west mids fitness preperation

    omg u passed assessment in june lol thats taken 10 months :o i was told it wil be in the next 4-5 months, oh well, the longer i have to prepare the better lol ive started runnin, cycling and swimming, light weights etc but think i really need to get to a proper gym for proper weight lifting, i think it will be so hard to push/pull while seated xx