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  1. Half the people in my writing room talk of doing the same.
  2. I worked the shift. Shafted.
  3. Yep, good old creamfields!
  4. Being trodden on and shafted sadly seems part of the job, but this has well and truly wound me up... In May of this year I was notified that I'd be working an event in August (it's held every year). Later on in May I moved to a different station and to a different shift. I was still shown as working this event. Up until about 2 weeks ago when I'm no longer shown as doing the event on a Friday but instead doing a night shift on the Saturday - which is now a cancelled rest day. Not very happy with being messed about so late in the day and could've done with that Saturday as I've got a lot going on at home at the minute. Anyway, I asked if they would reconsider and obviously I was told where to go. I've now been told that the only reason my days have been changed is because I moved from one block to another - but this was in May! Ridiculous - why didn't they mess about with my shifts in May when I actually changed blocks!! Even worse, I've now asked for the cancelled rest day to be re-allocated to a couple of days later. They've said no, because our really crappy leave system has had all my CTO, RDILs and AL messed up for months so apparently I'm in minus on my RDILs and they've now allocated my RDIL from this Saturday back to a date in January!! A couple of months ago, all my leave was shown correctly and I had a 0 balance on RDILs. I have no idea why it's all in minus suddenly. I'm going to have to go through it all and see if I can make sense of where and how it's gone wrong - think I'll have to turn my radio off for a while to do that! Is there not some rule where a cancelled rest day needs to be re-allocated to you within a certain number of days? At the minute, I'm essentially coming in on a rest day and working for nothing - can I be made to do this does anyone know?
  5. Just about to buy a house and trying to find a good (and cheap) solicitor to do the conveyancing when I came across this; Looks official enough, but the price sounds too good to be true. Anyone ever used this service or have knowledge on whether its legit or not? Thanks guys.
  6. I'm about to start my training as a new student officer and am wondering how the shift allowance for police officers will work. For example, police staff who receive shift allowances get the allowance as a percentage of their annual salary. So a member of police staff on 20k a year getting 10% allowance gets an additional 2k a year on top of their basic salary. Will it be the same formula for police officers? So a new officer on 23k gets 2.3k on top of their annual salary once they start working shifts? If my maths isn't stupidly out could be worth about an extra £150 a month. Or does nobody know yet, or am I just wrong? Thanks.
  7. I really hope the pay increments don't get scrapped - surely it'd cause far too many issues as others have said. All being well I'm due to join as a PC in February and am taking a cut of a few thousand - if that's a permanent cut I really don't know how I'll manage.
  8. Has anyone heard any more news on whether the increment freeze will come into forces in England and Wales?
  9. Thanks for the replies guys. Looking at it I think that would mean coming out with about £1250 a month. At present am I correct in thinking the annual cost of living increase isn't happening, but the incremental rises are? I.e. a newbie starts on £23k, up to £25k after 6/7 months initial training, then the next increment after 2 years in the job? Or have the increments been frozen too?
  10. Can anyone on here tell me what the take home pay of a new student officer currently is please? After all deductions of tax, NI, pension etc. Also, does anyone know if years of pension from a civil service pension scheme and from the local government pension scheme for police staff can be taken over into the new police pension sceheme? Thanks a lot.
  11. 6 months - thats really quick! I've been waiting for an interview with Cheshire for 4 months
  12. first applied to gmp in 2003 - failed the interview then spent some time at uni, then joined gmp as a special in 2008 now applying as a reg again, passed application stage and a/c and now wating for my final interview with cheshire fingers crossed!
  13. sounds like recruitment are bullshitting about the intakes being full - more like maybe a reference hasnt come back? has anyone here applied to cheshire at all? how long was the wait??
  14. spoken to a few forces - some will take me into their recruitment system, some wont. ive still to try mod police and essex, thatll be after the bank holiday. does anyone have a number for mod recruitment? details on the net are sketchy. ta
  15. Hi mate Thanks for the reply there. I'll give mod and essex a go - the latter especially is a bit of a distance from me (I live in manchester), but at the end of the day the career comes first and relocation wouldnt be much of an issue. Cheers