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  1. Rip David. Such a shame
  2. Yeah in my store if were caught with our car keys on us the security guard then has to search your car with a manager. We also get random searches, mostly when were going up for our lunch the security guard and a manager will make you turn out your pockets, take shoes off, flip the badge, flip the collars etc to make sure your not concealing money. Then there are searches i carry out with a security guard, we do one every shift I am on with him and involves 5 random cashiers being taken into the office and being searched. We dont touch them, but we ask them to remove shoes, and all of the above i said. its extensive, but we have had to step up security after a year ago a cashier was found with 300 quid in the band of her trousers.
  3. Council is the way forward, its not an easy process. I had to do it with mine, but that is because i had other neighbours too involved but just ring your local council up or go to their offices and sort it. Because the prospect of losing their house would scare them.
  4. The more interesting route would be going round with squad cars and firearms unit. But in real life that would be a bit drastic if it is only a hunch, especially with no evidence lol. But exaggerate if you want an exciting script.
  5. Supermarket I did when i turned 16, and now im 20 and still at University. They can train you in all areas of customer service. When i turned 17 i was trained in the customer service desk, then became a supervisor a year later. Valuable experience along with a paycheck every month. Plus loads of overtime.
  6. pain
  7. I do like the idea of this, however I was upset when my grandmother rang the number when she heard some youths breaking into her garage. i asked why she did not ring 999, she said "I do not want to waste police time" Urgent matter which they could have easily broke into my grandmothers home and harmed her. I remember reading a article about this same problem, people ringing it who feel that their situation is not an emergency.
  8. Personally I would buy first seeing as you seem to be in the position to do so. Having taken over my house after my mother died, i can tell you that utility bills, food bills, entertainment bills, council tax are all serious money guzzlers. And I am living of Student loans and part time job money. Not easy. Apartment or a flat would be a good idea to start out with, however if you buy one they do not tend to move quickly unless it is in a prime spot close to the city or easy access to the city. Flats/apartments do not soak as much up in bills, get a water meter set up this way you are charged on the amount of water you use and not the average amount your area consumes. Plus if the building is new or newish then heating will be sustainable. Personally I would go and speak to a estate agent, they are there for a reason but they also want to make a sale too. So be wary of them pushing you into something you have not been fully told about.
  9. I shall be applying for them then :) Been waiting for Cheshire or GMP to open recruitment this year.
  10. Good luck on your first day Smudger.
  11. Thanks Ironhand and Kenworthy
  12. Helloo Im Andrea, im 18 and going to university in september. But i hope after i leave to join the police force. Ive been browesing the forum and there is some really interesting stuff to read. Very handy.