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  1. Police Recruitment 2012

    Good luck too :) The recruitment phonelines are never easy lol
  2. Police Recruitment 2012

    Good luck!!!! Sent my application for Cheshire on Monday, aaah.
  3. Police Recruitment 2012

    Most of my application is finished, need to copy up and edit the draft of the competence assessment. Not easy, I knew it was difficult but i am so anxious and scared that i will fail just at this application. Urgh. Need to get referees though, still undecided on who to use. Ill have to ring recruitment next week.
  4. Police Recruitment 2012

    ^ Hope you hear from them soon.
  5. I text at 12:13 pm and got a phonecall at 11 am this morning. You will definitly get a phonecall because the window closed at 12:45
  6. My god it was stressful trying to get one yesterday, i was ringing all day and then at 12pm they gave out this announcement to text your name and number to. Which i did and thank god i have got one. phew. But i was talking to my police officer friend last night, and he said the place was jammed due to 3000 calls coming in, all the internal numbers were broken and only 101 and 999 were working.
  7. Police Recruitment 2012

    Wont let me quote for some reason, so. Jonnyrotten; no need to be rude, i just dont want to get it wrong over something so pedantic. itsabeautifulday; Oh thanks, I think ill use my dissertation tutor at uni, he is a professor so that will work. Dominic Long; Thank you for being helpful :)
  8. Police Recruitment 2012

    Ohhh right thanks, also where it says about family, it says spouse or partner. My boyfriend does not live with me or neither did my ex so do i have to include them? I dont mind including them
  9. If it is winsford i will be happy, its literally down the road from me.
  10. Police Recruitment 2012

    Will be getting my Cheshire police application on Monday. Let the stress begin. Also regards to references, it says on a pcso form i have for north wales, it says i need two references who i did not work with. So i can use a academic reference, but who to use for the other?

    Rip David. Such a shame
  12. Yeah in my store if were caught with our car keys on us the security guard then has to search your car with a manager. We also get random searches, mostly when were going up for our lunch the security guard and a manager will make you turn out your pockets, take shoes off, flip the badge, flip the collars etc to make sure your not concealing money. Then there are searches i carry out with a security guard, we do one every shift I am on with him and involves 5 random cashiers being taken into the office and being searched. We dont touch them, but we ask them to remove shoes, and all of the above i said. its extensive, but we have had to step up security after a year ago a cashier was found with 300 quid in the band of her trousers.
  13. Council is the way forward, its not an easy process. I had to do it with mine, but that is because i had other neighbours too involved but just ring your local council up or go to their offices and sort it. Because the prospect of losing their house would scare them.
  14. The more interesting route would be going round with squad cars and firearms unit. But in real life that would be a bit drastic if it is only a hunch, especially with no evidence lol. But exaggerate if you want an exciting script.