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  1. Had my fitness test this morning...

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Well done. :-) Simina
  2. To all the October 19th lot, lets be avin you.

    Hi all! I am getting very nervous now! Trying to revise everything, I really hope we won't get tested on that workbook tomorrow as I'm afraid I'd embarrass myself, as I don't seem to remember much! :-( I don't think we're supposed to take the big bag...just uniform and some pens and papers I suppose! And birth certificate and other documents! Don't forget an identification document as well. We also have to bare in mind that we'll get a massive box with the rest of the Uniform! Well, having said these, GOOD LUCK to everybody! Simina :ph34r:
  3. To all the October 19th lot, lets be avin you.

    Hi! It doesn't seem easy at all! I decided to read the entire book first and write down the main ideas and after I finished this I will read it again, this time trying to answer the question in the journal at the same time.. I am at page 129 now, there are enough things to memorize! Good luck to all! And enjoy! ;-) Simina xx
  4. To all the October 19th lot, lets be avin you.

    Popeye! I must have been staying near you as I got the E2 OCU as well ant also training in Stourbridge. :-) I am the Romanian one. ;-) See you soon! Simina xx
  5. To all the October 19th lot, lets be avin you.

    I'm bringing my friend. Can't wait as well, all excited! :-) Very curious about where I'm going to be stationed. I don't have any preference, anywhere will be good for me! See you tomorrow! :-) Simina xx
  6. Starting date?

    I'm so sorry to hear that! :-( Keep being positive and try not to think of it... You'll definitely get there though! All the best, Simina xx
  7. Starting date?

    Hi and Welcome to the forum! It takes some time... I passed my A/C in April 2008, and my medical was in March 2009. But my circumstances were different as I am not born in the UK, and only lived here for a few years. But anyway, it is a long wait so don't expect too much! Just relax and you'll get there in the end. Good luck with the Medical and the Fitness! Simina x
  8. To all the October 19th lot, lets be avin you.

    Hi Marko, Yes, that was me! I failed on that occasion, it was a very sad day for me , but passed on my second attempt on the 29th of June. Simina
  9. To all the October 19th lot, lets be avin you.

    I know the tense feeling! Can't wait for the final checks to be finished and see myself in the job! OFFICIALLY! :-) See you on the 22nd, you'll recognize me, I'll be the one with the funny Transylvanian accent... :-)
  10. To all the October 19th lot, lets be avin you.

    Hi! I got my induction pack as well, I did put my notice in yesterday, felt good! It's a lot to read, but not a lot to fill in, I will send back the forms tomorrow. Then Monday I hope to book my uniform fitting and get some boots! Now I hope that everything will go well, and I'll start my new career! All the best to everybody! Simina :-) xx
  11. To all the October 19th lot, lets be avin you.

    Me!!! I am starting on the 19th of October! I still can't believe it!!! I was hoping to hear something for months, and I was hoping for a start date this year, but I never expected this date!!! I was so surprised!!! Just yesterday I was thinking that it would be very unlikely to get October! I am soooo happy for all of you who got the phone call and I'm sure that all of us will do a fantastic job! Have a good night! Simina :-) xx
  12. Starting date?

    Oh, because of the excitement, I made a mistake above. My induction evening is 22nd of September! Well, see you there Rachel!!! :-) Congratulations!!! xx
  13. Starting date?

    You will be fine!!! It's not that hard to pass. I passed it at my second attempt, but that was because the first time I approached it in the wrong way, thinking that is extremely difficult, and I was heratic! Hopefully you wont have to wait that long and things started to move! The wait was the worst thing ever, I was getting more depressed by the day. But now I feel like in a dream! :-))) I'll keep my fingers crossed for you on the 7th of October! Simina xx
  14. Starting date?

    HELLO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was sleeping as I finished work at 6 am, when I was woken up by a phone call. It was Laura from recruitment and she gave me THE BEST NEWS OF MY LIFE!!!! My provisional start date is 19th of October!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And my induction evening is 22nd of November!!!! I hasn't sunk in completely yet, I feel I am dreaming!!!!! And I got a stomach acke from the excitement!!!! I hope things started moving for everyone who is waiting! All the best from me!!!! Simina :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))) P.S. I am chuffed!
  15. Starting date?

    I'm taking each day as it comes... I passed on the 29th of June, so it's over 2 months since I've heard anything. I don't expect anything anymore.... I just don't think that in this case the saying that no news is good news apply...something is wrong... I don't know, I am really sad and depressed. :-( Hope all will work well for you! Simina xx