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  1. Role Plays

    Thanks, hopefully it will be fine! If someone shouts at me at the start main priority will be to calm that person down
  2. Role Plays

    Silly question. However for the role play when you do your 'plan' or 'blueprint' Can you take this inside the assessment room with you?
  3. PC recruitment 2013

    Nice one, I got my assessment for Cumbria next week. Scared.
  4. PC recruitment 2013

    I thought you applied for a number of forces?
  5. Police Recruitment 2012

    Anyone got a date for Cumbria Reg for the Assessment Centre in Feb?
  6. Police interceptors

    Awesome, will be full drama catching sheep stealers
  7. Final Panel Interview

    How did you get on Nick?
  8. Thanks. I think I understand the assessment centre one where you have to show a scenario of how you dealt with it for example which matches the 4 core competencies of being a police officer. No doubt I will find out what Cumbria do for there interview.
  9. Can anyone shed any light on this, slightly confused!
  10. Cumbria Regs Recruitment

    Well a little shock this afternoon. I just got a DATE for the ASSESSMENT CENTRE, for CUMBRIA! woop! Anyone else?
  11. Cumbria Regs Recruitment

    So they took specials on for these roles. Anyone get in?
  12. Cumbria Regs Recruitment

    So has anyone heard anything?! I got a letter this morning saying I have reached the next stage...However it will be sometime within the next 12 months till we find out! A little annoying! Never mind least its not a rejection!
  13. Cumbria Regs Recruitment

    Still a number of days left, I am still waiting to hear back myself.
  14. Police Recruitment 2012

    I have applied but not optimistic as I am away for the assessment days