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  1. Did I see that your PCSO application was successful, I take it your CNC app went in the bin (like mine)

  2. North Wales PCSO - Shifts.

    Hi Thanks. Have you applied through the latest December recruitment campaign, or the one started in September? I have spoken to a coipkle of PCSO's from one station, and I emailed another sdtation, but they havent replied back to me. I believe the shifts can be different between each station. I just need to get a flavour as Im a single dad. They have put my fitness/occy health back to 25th January 2012, so Im guessing later start dates. They said there are lots of staggered start dates.
  3. I totally agree with you OJM, I am in utter disbelief in what I have read above. PCSO are there to support the community in a non confrontational civilian role and support Police officers in whatever way applicable and safe to do so. Police officers have an obligation as part of their oath to intervene to uphold the law. PCSO's do not, they are there to provide a friendly foot patrol face and allow Police officers to carry out the busy and diverse nature of their work as they no longer have the time to do the Dixon of dock green stuff anymore. Its worrying that some potential PCSO's and serving PCSO's think they will be some sort of pseudo cop. PCSO are 'NOT POLICE OFFICERS' They are there to be present at youth clubs, talk to shop keepers, be a friendly interface between the beat bobby and the community, re assuring, etc etc, inmy opinion a job that suits me down to the ground. I have witnessed an immaturity the bewilders me on here, and i am saying that trying to be fair and inclusive and respective to our diverse society. I know this as I have been a regular Police Officer and I am now entering the Police organisation again as a PCSO. I have been a Military Policeman too so I do know a little about the subject. As such sorry OJM the MOD Police are not Military Police, LOL, sorry mate. The Military Police (Otherwise known as Service Police) are made up of serving members of the three forces (THe RMP "Red Caps", The RAF Police "Snowdrops", the Royal Navy Service Police or four if you include Royal Marines Police also. The MOD Police are Police that serve the Ministry of Defence community and wear a home office police style of uniform, and are mainly used to police MOD land and establishments and mainly to provide an interface between the military and the civilian MOD emplyee community and other civilians. They also provide a high visible Armed presence, bit like the CNC. The MOD Police are sworn constables but the Military Police are not, they have warrant cards that are signed by the respective Service Provost Marshalls. So there you go LOL...
  4. British Transport Pcso have cuffs!!

    Coincidently North Wales Police PCSO's are issued with Handcuffs too. Possibly due to isolated areas?? dont know??
  5. Hi all, Ive passed most stages of selection(Interview PIR etc). I Just need to do fitness etc now, and looking at possible start date 30th january 2012. Can Anyone tell what the shift patterns are in the North wales Police areas? I'm hoping for Conwy coastal. (So anywhere Llandudno, Colwyn Bay, Conwy Police stations). I know all are different, but would welcome input with the differnt scearios. I have asked but can never get a full answer, someone said its a 6 shift system, which doesn't really tell me much. As a single dad I could do with knowing what the hours are and how they rotate through the week(s), so I can guage what support I need to get or give. Many Thanks
  6. Either they are olympic athletes or liars!

    OK guy's, There are two versions of the tape out there. I think if I remember, one is produced in the states, and another in Australia, (Correct me if Im wrong, just trying to recall some facts from quite some time ago). Anyway, the cadence varies on both. Most, like me, do or have done this in the military, I did it recently as a Navy Reservist and managed to get to 10.5. However, I think the police use a different version, where the cadence changes twice as quick, (is that right) well you know what I mean, its gets more difficult, more quickly. I think that explains it. I think the military one though that I have done is over a longer distance. The gym I did it at HMS Collingwood in July, was def more than 15m between the two lines.... In case you interested, the Navy PTI's introduced a new level of Pain....Bleep Test Circuits go all the way to the end of the tape (Level 23) but you do it with three other people, one running between the bleeps, one resting, one doing sit ups, press ups, squat thrusts, etc etc lol...and if you cant make the line between the bleep, you just turn where you are and carry on lol.....vvvvvvveerrrryyy painful lol....just thought I'd share that with you lol...
  7. NWP

    OK, thgis is from the horses mouth, I can categorically confirm that if its not on the website they are not recruiting. Dont believe what other NWP officers tell you, they do not know, unless they work in recruiting, in which case they probably wouldnt let on anyway. If there are vacancies then the NWP website will say so and they have started the process again and will send out the app forms. I know for a fact that the last assessment centres for NWP were catching up previous recruitment campaigns. Sorry I cant say how I know this, because I dont want to land anyone in it. BTP is not realistic either, I personaly know someone who passed assessment and all othere recruitment phases and had uniform fitting in 2007, and is still waiting for a vacancy to appear. I believe there are about 300 others waiting for BTP places in the BTP North West region alone who are in the same boat. I have also heard of someone who has been waiting since 2005.
  8. deferring entry

    Same here, I will be taking 6.5k pay cut, and still not sure how Im going to cope financially yet, but its the job I want to do...& Ill get through it somehow... Thats the sort of dedication you need.
  9. British Transport Police now recruiting

    Yes, it also mentions you have to live a commutable distance away. I was thinking about transferring my app from the CNC when I saw this on their website, but they wont even look at you unless you live nearby. Also, you are right, there are many still friend was offered a place 3 years ago, and is still waiting for a vacancy too. Think they should go back to the mass recruiting they used to do for the London area, instead of waiting for sporadic one off places here and there across the country.
  10. CNC - Jan/Feb Applicants, Passed Ryton 28th April

    Sorry of course I should have said "Early 2008" not 98 lol....that would be a slow process
  11. Hi Guy's This is to anyone who has applied to the CNC this year. I submitted my application in February and passed Ryton on 28th of April 2009, medical passed in July, not had fitness yet as I had to cancel the one offered early August due to a Naval Reserve commitment. Has anyone who applied, or is in the recruitment process within a similar application date window as me, heard any news whatsoever?. Has anyone got any further down the line or been offered a place yet? Looking at previous threads, it appears that people who applied early 98 are only just getting courses. I have also heard that the CNC make you do Ryton again if your app spans passed a year without a start date. Dont relish that again. Also heard that anyone offered a fitness test in this October, may get started begining of next year, and those people will go to Dounray or Sellafield..but thats just a rumour. Seriousely thinking about transferring my app to the BTP, if they had any places. Im not very impressed with the HR at the CNC so far. Having said that my mate has been waiting for a BTP start date for 3 years now Any thoughts or feedback from anyone else??
  12. Royal Military Police

    MMMMmm Controversial......says he having covered up many a fopar and got many a junior officer out of the poo (all in the name of high spirits) whilst serving in the RAF And, recently, I will not even mention what some senior officers were doing in certain Bahrain establishments last year on deployment.....I will keep that quiet, only I have the satisfaction knowing my moral standards, sensibility are far superior to that of those senior officers even.......So ...MMMMMm controversial lol...
  13. Royal Military Police

    Mmm...speaking as a Navy Resevist....looking at it......its all commisioned officers having a jape, sure as eggs if the lads (Non commisioned rates and below), tried this, they'd be right in it...cant speak for the Army though.
  14. Hurry up & wait !!

    Hello, mate, Cant give you any advice, other than to hang in there, and let you know, your not in the same boat, as I had a similar problem, however, the force Im applying to havent refered me or suspended anything. Im applying for the CNC, (so not a HO force), was worried about my hearing too, as after having a post "Call Up" medical at the demoilisation/mounting centre, after being called up to the Middle East last year, I had a medical in a Military medical centre, and found I had slight loss in one ear too. I initiated my own consultants appointment at commencement of the recruitment process, and found I had about 2db loss in my right ear, which is within Police/HO/MOD Plod guidelines apparently. I had the CNC medical at the end of July and to my suprise, despite sitting the hearing test with them again, and found that I was 2db loss again, they werent that worried. By the way, in case your in same boat, it may be Range firing if your ex RMP, I am ex RAFP, Range fired regular as clockwork every 3 months SLP, SA80, HK53, even SLR and GPMG for 13 years, so could be that. My ENT consultant found no cist, no damage to my ear drum or anything, so thinks it could have been a common cold or winter virus, sometimes it has the effect of making the little hairs in your ear that vibrate and cause sound, to drop out, so could be that too. They may send you for an ultrasound to make sure you have no tumor in your ear, that is the only reason why Occ health are amking sure you are OK before they take you on, thats all really. Dont worry Ive been told its a rare thing. Just hang in there mate. Good luck Guy