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  1. Communications Officer. Any tips?

    Hi Comms Brown, Don't worry it's not too bad, you just need to use your common sense to any questions and senarios that come up. If you need any help just send me a PM. Good luck, I am sure you'll do well. Tigergal
  2. I finally have my interview date!

    Hi Margamboy, The interview went okay, quite hard to tell at this stage. There was lots of questions around the competencies as expected and one around how I would deal with a certain scenario. I just hope I came over well and gave the right answers. Will find out in around a weeks time if I passed it. Soooo nervous and am praying for good news. Will let you know how I get on. Thanks again! Tigergal
  3. Communications Officer. Any tips?

    Hi there, I went through this just recently so I will ping you an email with more details on it. Good luck!
  4. Call Handling Centre Assessment.

    Awww Ben, that's a fantastic post and good insight to the whole process. Thanks for taking the time to write that up and share your personal experiences :) When is your first day? Best of luck, I am sure you will be brilliant as you have all the right attitudes towards the job. Hope to be a fellow Comms Officer as my interview is this week! :)
  5. Call Handling Centre Assessment.

    Hi Mooni Humm...how strange? Really don't know the answer to this but did you call them and ask them? Usually the recruitment people can give you a good idea of what is going on and what the procedure is. Give them a bell and see what they say. Hopefully you won't have to wait too long. Good luck!
  6. Vetting!

    Hi everyone, On the hot topic of vetting I was was wondering how long it took individuals to pass through vetting? I've heard that some people fly through and clear in 4 weeks and some people take much longer. How long did it take you? Would be good to see Thanks!!
  7. Help needed with Security Questionnaire

    Brilliant, thank you! I will add it on. Appreciate your reply!
  8. Hi all, Wondering if someone could help me out on a specific question that needs answering on the Security Questionnaire form: The question is: Criminal Convictions: Have you ever been convicted or found guilty by a Court of any offence in any country (excluding parking but including all motoring offences even where a spot fine has been administered by the Police). Now my question here is - and sorry if this sounds naive... should I say yes to this if I had had 3 points on my licence for speeding 13 years ago? I was stopped by the Police and given the fine. I just want to be 100% clear on this? I feel like a criminal saying yes to this as that's all I've ever had but want to be honest. Thank you!! Tigergal
  9. PNC Disclosure?

    Thanks Sammy! Yes I just called them to make sure and they said that I do not need to list any parking fines only other traffic offences eg points on licence. I had points from about 15 years ago and I asked if I should still put that on the form and they said yes. Thanks again!
  10. PNC Disclosure?

    Hi there, Can anyone the help? I've received the forms for vetting and on one of them it asks for you to disclose any Penalty Notice Charges received. Now does that mean parking tickets or more along the lines of points on licence for speeding etc? I had a parking ticket about 2 weeks ago and not sure if I should include that. What exactly does the PNC mean? Thank you!!! Tigergal
  11. Hi everyone, Well after what seems like an eternity I have found out I have my interview on the 24th Sept! I am soooooo excited :biggrin: and also sooooo nervous! :sweatingbullets: Can anyone kindly share any interview tips for me? I am sure the questions will be competency based so should I stick to the examples I showed on the application form or have new ones? Anything else I should be prepared for? Thanks for all the support so far! Tigergal x
  12. Anyone starting with SYP on Mon 7th??

    Hi Jules! I just wanted to wish you good luck for next week! I am very excited for you! Let me know how it all goes! Best wishes, Tigergal xx
  13. What Do You Wear?

    Hi there, I was just wondering what forces adopt uniform standards? I have heard that not all forces require their support staff to wear uniform. So how about you? Do you wear one? What is it like?
  14. Call Handling Centre Assessment.

    Well done Jules!! You must have been over the moon when you heard!! I wish the Met would move as fast as the SYP! Are you initally on a training programme? What are your shifts like? Do you know if in your force you get to wear a uniform? Wow, all so exciting. I am still waiting for my letter confirming my date for the interview but when I called last week they said it would be in October. Just counting down the days at the moment! BTW, how did you insert the baner on the bottom of your signature for SYP? I can't seem to add mine? Keep in touch & well done again
  15. Call Handling Centre Assessment.

    Hi Ilya, Well done on getting to the assessment bit! I am just a little further along the line that you as I have also applied for call handling/comms officer position but mine is with the Met. So I can tell you what happened with mine although Bedfordshire will probably do something slightly different? The assessment consisted of two parts. The first part was where they assessed your typing speed. So you had to listen to calls on headphones and you had to record as much information as possible within a set time. They also monitored your spelling mistakes too. The second part was taking mock 999 calls on the headsets and this is where they assessed how you responded to each call, the information you asked/took down. I think I responded to around 5 calls in total. I was sure I fluffed it as it was so difficult to predict if it went well but thankfully I did well and have been told I am through to interview stage. Good luck! Let me know now you get on