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  1. Cleared of Taser assault

    Obviously we dont know the full story....but i dont see how this can ever be reasonable, proportionate or justified? The prisoner is not armed at all with anything other than underpants. How can it be right to taser him? Even as pro-police as I am, this just doesnt seem right. Not saying it is accpetable behaviour from the prisoner and he should have been suitably restrained if he was being unreasonable but taser seems excessive.
  2. Police Staff Medical

    thanks Anna :-) I knew there would be a drugs test - nervous about mine purely as I can see me needing quite a lot of water and a patient nurse!!!
  3. Police Staff Medical

    Yeah I've filled that in. I have seen various bits on line - some suggest its just a questionaire and drugs test and some says its a medical. I will ask once i get my letters through but just wondered if anyone could add anything.
  4. Police Staff Medical

    Hi all, I have a conditional offer for 999 Call Handler with West Mids Police :-). Can anyone give me an idea what the Police Staff medical is likely to entail? Is it differnt to the officer medical?# I am not worried about vetting as already work in a Police building and was in the Prisons before that but am getting in a bit of a tiswas about the Medical... Thanks!
  5. Evening all. I have a Police Staff interview on Wednesday for West Mids for a 999 Call handler roll. I have been advised that it is not a competency based interview/questions which has somewhat thrown me as that is what I was expecting. Anyone got any advice or pointers for a non competency based Police interview? thanks!
  6. HI all! I have a selection test for Call Handler with west Mids tomorrow evening. Just wondering if anyone can give me any idea what to expect? From what I can see online each force varies between competnecy based interviews and mixing them with typings tests and/or role played calls. Does anyone have any recent experience of similar or any tips/advice? I have a list of competencies already prepared from a previous interview for a similar non Police role, and my day job involves listening and typing at the same time so i have lots of practice in for that anyway. Any help appreciated!
  7. Vetting question - Police Staff

    thanks ironhand :-) and i know, work is stupidly busy! I checked with shared service and they have asked me to disclose it but cant see it affecting it. Im just a natural born worrier!
  8. Hi all, Not been on here for an age. Am completing an application for Control Room call handler and have a vetting question, wondering if anyone can put me at ease. My boyfriend was sent on a driver improvement course in 2007 following an RTC where he was at fault (pulled out at a junction) - he was offered this as opposed to points/fine and I think it was driving without care and attention or similar. Is this likely to affect me in any way?! Nothing else apart from a speeing awareness course on his record. thorirI have already passed Prison Service and Police vetting for my current role as I work in a police building for the Local Authority, but wasnt with my current boyfriend when all of that went through. I am planning to check with Shared Service but as this is the only thing that may crop up, just a bit nervy. No doubt if i get through i will have other questions about the whole application process but this is the one bugging me for now! Thanks in advance :-)
  9. Football Spotters

    Could you not ring some of your neighbouring counterparts directly rather than asking on a forum? doubt anyone on ehre will tell you how to get hold of uniform.
  10. There are ANPR cameras at the enterance to my village, i have no problem whatsoever with them. Lets face it, they line the motorways so theres not much difference with them on the streets. They are at strategic points and do a good job. Wouldnt like to see any more spring up though, i have to say. On the subject of phones, I had a talk from the missing persons team at work on tracking people etc. Shocked me how much you have to go through to get a phone pinged and even then it isnt exactly accurate.
  11. Twitter accounts both official and parody.

    You cant miss Solihull out! they are legends.
  12. Cycle ride support vehicle

    Are these the same 4x4 response group idiots that were invaluable during the recent snow?
  13. Main public concerns

    Am i being daft, or are these lower level priorities not exactly why neighbourhood teams exist? there to help with local issues affecting local people. There is also the fact that, left unchallenged or un reported, lower level issues can easily spiral. Take for example a gang of kids coming from one town to another on the train. they arrive in the local park and cause a bit of bother. This annoys the locals but doesnt get reported. Because no police are aware, the kids get braver and braver until they are arming themselves with baseball bats, committing street robberies, and sholifting before legging it on the train. Lower level issues are annoying, but they do need to be addressed and do have an impact on the local community which is why i am a big fan of neighbourhood teams. That said, people do involve the police in a ridiculous amount of nonsense and they are expected to do the role of a million other agencies. But if its not on fire and no-one is hurt, who else do people call?

    I'd also urge you that if you are not involved but know of it, let the Police and also Children's Services know as soon as you can. These are serious matters which Social Services also treat just as seriously as the Police. Please do consider seriously coming forward and discussing it with the Police and /or social services. Dont forget you cna discuss things anonymously with both agencies, though if you are involved as a younger person i would encourage you to come forward. we may seem scary agencies but we are all human and dont bite. At the end of the day, we are here to protect people and help whenever we can. As above, i am giving advice only.
  15. As others have said, see a solicitor as soon as possible. Do you have parental responsibility for the child? are you on her birth certificate? If you have PR then you have not only the right but also a responsibility to keep her safe. if you can leave your partner in a planned way, i.e with some thinking and legal advice first, there is nothing to stop you applying for a residence order and hopefully gaining custody of your daughter. you absolutely need to see a solicitor as soon as possible.