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  1. The Wait is Over!!

    Well done... i am in the tutorship period now, if i can help with anything feel free to pm me
  2. Gwent Police chat thread

    I passed the a/c with a different force. but I'm sure gwent are a 50% for a pass. i do not speak welsh and it's not a requirement, however I'm sure a few simple basics would help. That said there are a number of languages spoken in the gwent force area,which i imagine to be allot more common than welsh. I transfered from another force after my a/c. if your interested then recruitment are very helpful team, and would advise you if this would be possible for you! A few months back Gwent said that they needed around 150 officers, 44 have already in, with another course due to start soon, and I'm sure another after that. like i say recruitment have these answers....goodluck :)
  3. Gwent Police chat thread

    Goodluck all. i was in the march intake. feel free pm me :)
  4. Gwent Police chat thread

    Sometimes the a/c is done in a hotel itself!? Goodluck
  5. New Recruits Rates of Pay

    Try here for pay scale
  6. Gwent Police chat thread

    Hello Dave, I'm aware of a few other people in your position. Best of luck to you.
  7. Gwent Specials march 2010

    Can't really answer your question, but my understanding is that applying for the specials is a lot more streamline and quicker. It is a good idea to start training ASAP. However if you haven't trained for a while take things slow to start. Best of luck.
  8. Gwent Police chat thread

    From what I've read else where Gwent have a little more money to play with this year in the recruitment area. And if i were you then i would stick around, May is not that far away!
  9. Gwent Specials march 2010

    Well Goodluck anyway
  10. Gwent Specials march 2010

    doesn't sound normal. Usually specials recruitment consists of (but does vary) application form (not as many comp questions) a PIRT test fitness/medical interview Sounds as if they asked you the normal questions to see if your eligible to apply. Goodluck
  11. Intake 2010

    Im sure i read somewhere on the Force website that the force has been given a bigger budget for the next financial year. it also says that they will be recruiting 150 officers. edit hope this helps.
  12. BLEEP TEST....HELP!!!!!

    Hello I have a copy. mp3 i'm not sure if it fits to an email? you could send me a inbox with your address and i could always try. also i thought this may be of some use to all it takes a short while to load. Jon
  13. Interview presentations

    Hello all, Very soon I have a 2nd interview which included has a 10 minute presentation. I will not find out the subject until the day of my interview, with only 30 minutes preparation time. I have been researching the local police website and other sources. But can anyone offer advice to be successful at this? Thanks in advance.
  14. Fitness test

    Would anybody know of the shift patterns of Gwent officers ?
  15. Gwent Second interview results

    Same boat as you 2nd interview end of feb 2010. pm me if you like!