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  1. Its good to hear ... but on compassionate grounds makes it sound like they could say no to spite you. Ill have a look at the intranet....! Cheers Dizzy. Spite sounds horrible I take that back...
  2. Just as stated in the topic heading. I just want a rough opinion/guidance on the situation before I approach my line manager about it. Essentially my partner is moving up to north division (for non police related work) and has asked about me transferring....sadly I am technically just in the door and been at division for a few weeks in legacy strathclyde, does anyone know what to do (if at all possible) on transferring divisions? Cheers, Dark Alex
  3. Parade Shoes

    Cheers guys. x
  4. Parade Shoes

    Just a quick question in regards to parade shoes.... Do they need to have the oxford toe cap or not? Like this
  5. Police Scotland, First Intake?

    Yeah far too much conflicting info. I'll go with the Tulliallan website "Module 2 - Ten week residential course at the Scottish Police College."http://tulliallan.police.uk/policetraining/probationermodule2.aspx
  6. Police Scotland, First Intake?

    To be completely honest I am alittle worried about the amount of legislative work that 10 weeks (or as previously mentioned potential 12) that training will throw at us. But then again, the instructors are top people so, I guess as long as we (I) keep our (my) mind focused it shouldn't be too bad. Fitness ain't ridiculously bad...could be better personally. Oh yeah and more importantly - the food.
  7. Police Scotland, First Intake?

    Me too, sounds like we might get the same intake!
  8. Police Scotland, First Intake?

    If people are beginning vetting and medicals again then.... "whoop whoop sound of da police" Final fitnesses in this weather though will be killer.
  9. Police Scotland, First Intake?

    I didn't mean to sound like a right ar$e. I seen its a bit of a push for people. But then again, is it not about saving money? If theres any change. I reckon it'll be to bring the first year exams back to the initial training phase/module 2 while you are there in the training environment. Time will tell, I guess.
  10. Police Scotland, First Intake?

    Whats your source for tulliallan going back to 12 weeks? (out of interest)
  11. Police Scotland, First Intake?

    Im sure uniform fitting is right at the end as well. (FPI in Feb and medical in Feb, I have had my medical and waiting for final fitness for general reference/time scales for other folk wondering) No point in the uniform fitting incase you fail the fitness...even at that alter weight training for fitness...
  12. Police Scotland, First Intake?

    Same boat....
  13. 1.5 mile run..............help

    Nice to hear - besides the broken wrist...good luck with the run in April. Dark Alex
  14. 1.5 mile run..............help

    Any update on bringing your run times down bud?
  15. Disciplinary disclosure

    I wouldn't personally make a issue of it. If it was just a verbal talking to I doubt it will have a detrimental affect on your app. I took it as any written warning or formal proceedings against myself in my place of work/previous employment. If it boils down to bringing it up be open and honest about it (i.e including the fact you never let it happen again) Note being this is all just my opinion. Other people may offer better advice.