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  1. Note being that there are only 5 signatures...
  2. Just to note; Emailed them and I have been added to a short list of those interested in the future and are active in the police.
  3. I have recently started looking into it however I am only a Special. Think Im looking into alternative methods i.e another job over for a few years first.
  4. Cheers mate! Yeah all is well for another year!
  5. Aww man, thanks for the reply. I donno about no hands I only have hooks. On a serious note though?
  6. accessible re certification. appreciated. never trust an iphone where spelling is concerned.
  7. Hi All, First year of being a special is almost up and I am due for recertification. However I can remember the last time I cuffed someone with full proper procedure - as I have usually been in a rumble with people... I know the 3 procedures - Stacked to the front and rear and rear with backs of hand touching but its just remembering where to stand for left handed people... I understand this may infringe on forum rules and/or accessable knowledge for those outside the police service. Thus feel free to Private message. Any help/tips would be much apperciated. DarkAlex
  8. Good find Kenworthy.
  9. Essentially condensed regulars training. A quick overview on OST, Laws, Arrest and investigate procedures - all very, very, verryy fast paced training I felt....theres alot on standards as well....Read your info pack which you should have recieved and that will fill you in on your force's format (wise choice familiarise yourself with before training commences) Best of luck.
  10. The above two comments are by far the best answers summed up advice for specials! Civilians see a warrant card as a warrant card...so if it does go wrong and you don't know what your doing...public perception is going go right down the swany. Never pull it out unless 110% necessary.
  11. After a shift do you not feel like just going to bed and passing out? I certainly do!
  12. Can anyone offer any advice?
  13. Also I have already attended college for a police course but that really only dealt with crime and interview preparation.
  14. I left school with 4 highers barely: Math, Geography, Computing and technological studies - not the point though. The problem is written assessments I generally tend to get the symptoms of my mind going blank etc the usual stuff we all go through however the thing is (sorry to have deviated there) is that over two failed SET tests but I have passed all the units. Ive practiced with all the papers I could buy for the police and even went back to college to do extra police specific courses. My tests were; first time I passed English and Maths but failed info handling by one mark and the second time I passed the information handling but missed the other two units by a mark. To further this I did pass the fitness test on both occasions. Is there anything else I can do or do I need to resit the whole test again? Cheers