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  1. I blame the ipcc for this. The know it all bunch of see you next tuesdays always present situations as police on one side and everyone else on the other. Of course will get the blame for this as we obviously 'murdered' a pillar of the community.......
  2. Chaps, Not wishing to be funny, but on what grounds have the mets nicked Coulson? Without going into the legal side (yet!), my understanding was he attended voluntarily and unless the mets had a serious reason to believe he was to leave the interview he cannot be legally arrested. I appreciate that ye olde prompt and effective isn't the only tool available, however it would be the only aspect of the test that fits in these circumstances. He's hardly going to have turned up pissed either. Am I missing something huge here?
  3. City like the mets do jot have a chord. We have a black pouch with shiny gold buttons, because were city and were better like that.... Oh and it flicks open at every opportunity!
  4. Gives new meaning to the phrase 'toasted nuts'..... :whistle2:
  5. http://www.engadget.com/2011/06/01/bodyguard-stun-glove-leaps-out-of-comic-books-into-the-arms-of/#disqus_thread Could you imagine us getting these or even being allowed to use them..... If we so much as give someone a dirty look we get complaints.....! Still, could liven up nights a little.
  6. Just watched the last episode, excellent series. I really liked Alfred, on the face of it he comes across as a bit dopey. However actually listening to his thoughts he makes some pretty salient points. For me his quote regarding the British style of policing was of particular interest: "For as much as they encourage people to know their rights, they too must encourage people to know their responsibilities." Not a truer word said! Loved the bit at the Zambian shooting range, even the trainer missed.
  7. Are you ignoring decades of medical research which clearly states that addiction is a physiological affliction not just psychological? Lets be clear, the only reason we see drug abuse as an issue in this context is due to negative sociological effect that abuse has on wider society i.e. theft, burglary, prostitution, organised crime, and a drain on public finances. There are many many individuals in our more privileged echelons of our society who are addicted to hard drugs, but due to their wealth can manage this habit without the notice of friends, family and public. Following this line of thought, does it not concern you that we could apply a similar solution to other 'undesirables' who are a also a social blight? Single mothers who have children to gain access to benefits? Smokers (massive drain on NHS)? Paedophiles? Patients suffering from poor mental health? Right... does anyone really need to respond to this? I'd be interested in seeing some evidence of this.
  8. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-11531307 I have always thought that this area of criminal law focused to heavily on the outcome of the assault and not on the circumstances or malice surrounding it. Now if we could find a way to insure that PPOs are handed appropriate sentences and not given legal aid as an automatic right then I might be able to curtail my involuntary cursing....
  9. As abhorent as any abuse of power is and regardless of the conviction handed to the officer. Why do I get the impression that this has been somewhat blown out of proportion? Had the vic not been injured or even had the vic been male would we even hear about it? I'm loathe to comment on this one as I am not in full possession of the facts, but surely Andrew's was more concerned with keeping his job than the opportunity to assault a mop?
  10. lets not forget android! some of us have real phones you know.... :tongue:
  11. Yup went for the elite 2's in the end, i figured with the bad circulation in my feet, keeping them warm and dry was the priority here.... Cheers for all your help guys.. Grantus, I'll see you on the mile :biggrin:
  12. cheers chaps.... sounds like a size 9 and thick socks it is. new question: elite IIs or stealth 8s?
  13. I know this sounds a little on the silly side however it has me perplexed.... I'm after a pair of magnums and i'm a size 9. However i was advised that magnums are best bought a size below your actual. After trying them on I found size 8 difficult to get into and left little room to wear thick socks, however they fitted better than the pair of 9s. Any magnum owners out there who could advise? Am i better off taking the risk that the leather on the 8s will stretch after some wear?
  14. What is with the love of flat peaked caps. 1) it looks cheap tacky and screams amateur.... 2) id rather not look like a chav...
  15. I don't really see what the issue is with the current uniform setup? Perhaps some stuff is a little outdated like the black rain coats and dome helmets (forgive incorrect titles), but on the whole british officers look smart and functional without looking like a military force. The state trooper is clearly far too over dressed and resembles a drill sergeant. But i suppose this represents the level of his authority and the creeping militarisation of american police. The second example is far to casual and screams 'i am a security guard with a gun' and not the thoughtful community pillars of authority (forgive the pretentiousness) which our guys are meant to be. The third is just plain tacky particularly with that baseball cap... It again comes back to trying to offset the the apparent unapproachable atmosphere surrounding a man with a gun. As for our future look, I understand the health and safety issues surrounding a white shirt highlighting vulnerable areas around the stab vest. But I still feel that this is too informal and only detracts from the issue of our officers not being able to represent the authority of the office they are part of. I'm all for friendly and approachable community policing but I think uniforms are a superficial change. Get bobbies out having cups of tea with old ladies and building real community ties, not turning them into glorified gym instructors..... rant over, j,