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  1. Hi Mate, I've been a PCSO in GMP for nearly 2 1/2 yrs now and was a Special for 12 months. The book i read and other PCSO's read in my office is called "passing the police recruit assessment process" by Peter Cox. We all used it and passed, i'm just waiting for a date having passed my medical on the 27th Aug 2009. The book is really useful and there is also a dvd called how 2 become thats useful also. You are in a strong position already being a PCSO you should be able to come up with loads of examples. Check your PDP and look at the core competencies to see whether you have hit them all. If you can't hit all the competencies ask your CBM to help you. I used good ones from pact meetings and police surgerys customer focus is important read the policing pledge. All i can say is be yourself on the day, and the role plays treat them as you would deal with someone on the street think of their needs and most important try to think of a solution. One last thing make sure you know the core competencies inside out the positives and the negatives i read them twice a day for weeks and you'll see the difference when you have to answer a question or react in a role play. Good Luck.
  2. Hi Every1, I passed my medical on 27th Aug 2009 and i have been told i may miss the Jan intake. It's looking like April for me aswell. Makes you laugh when they say they are trying to get every1 through between 8-9 months ha !!!
  3. I have been a PCSO for 2 1/2yrs at GMP, i passed my medical 27th Aug, i rang recruitment 2day they have told me i'll have to wait till April now, has anyone else been told this ?