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  1. Talking Blues Course?

    For the sake of £100 or whatever it costs, maybe it is worth going on it! Anything you can do to help further prepare you is worth it I reckon. I didn't go on one of these courses, but still got in. However a few people I know have done them and speak highly of them. If you can afford it, you don't want to be kicking yourself later, thinking "If only I went on the course...!"
  2. Quick Question (references)

    I think you have to continue to play the waiting game! Unless you ring and ask, there is no way of knowing!
  3. Special Constable or PSCO?

    Future officer I have to disagree with you there. Recruiting doesn't recruit with any kind of preference. Everyone goes through the same recruiting process, and they do not get the job because they were a PCSO instead of a Special, or vice versa. Some PCSOs may have more experience than Special Constables, and may therefore score better in the recruiting process, but HR certainly do not look more favourably amongst PCSOs. Recruiting has to be fair. It is all about how YOU score in the recruiting process. The role you have done previously may assist you in doing well, be that a PCSO or Special Constable, but has no say on whether you get accepted or not. Most forces recruit on your assessment centre score and final interview, if your chosen force still does the interview stage. I think it is down to the individual to decide which role they feel will better prepare them for meeting the criteria to become a Police officer. It is proven to work both ways, PCSO and Specials.
  4. Boot bulling in probation.

    Asda instant shine is fine. apply once a week, job done!
  5. Special Constable or PSCO?

    Special constable all the way...but that is just my biased oppinion! It has got me in as a PC so I would advise you to join up as a special constable.
  6. Interview

    Have to wait for a letter. If only did it on saturday and so worried and nervous!
  7. Interview

    It is now all starting to be nationalised. I had mine yesterday and was shocked. It is very formal and you get no prompting at all. Make sure you can speak for 20 minutes! "Specials Recruitment Up till now the recruitment of Special Constables has been a local matter - which means that each of the 43 forces could be running different recruitment processes and using different standards. However, since the launch of the National Strategy for the Special Constabulary in March 2008, the NPIA has been working with its partners to produce national standards and an assessment process. The assessment process is being rolled-out on a national level. Roll-out began on 1st April 2010 and continue through to March 2011. The NPIA will provide each force that adopts the new process with two training courses (assessor training and Quality Assurance training) and other support free of charge during this period."
  8. Leicestershire Police Specials

    I beleive it is on the same day as interview and tests. They are going to write to us early june and give us more info on the assessment day.
  9. Leicestershire Police Specials

    I passed short listening, assessment day is June 26th, and have chosen the october course :)
  10. Leicestershire Police Specials

    Hello, just wondering if anyone on here has recently applied to the Leics Police specials opening? If so...say hello!
  11. Driving age to be raise to 18

    So is it being suggested, that the problem will be solved because 18 year olds are so much more responsible than 17 year olds?
  12. 6 Weeks On, What's the Progress?

    Got my result today. It was bad news! Too many C's and not enough B's! Good luck to everyone that has been succesful so far, I wish you all the best :)
  13. 6 Weeks On, What's the Progress?

    Anyone else still waiting?
  14. Writing the application form

    When I was filling in my form, I rang up about writing on the bottom line. The response was "As long as it is within the box it is not an issue". Also, I would recommend that you fill out the application form in the writing style you normally write in. If you wrote an essay, would you write in capitals or lower case? I just think it should be exactly how you normally write. Obv personal oppinion though! Good luck
  15. Smoking ban in cars???

    Ban the lot. If you are driving a car, you are driving a car, not eating/drinking or smoking. You are not in control of your car when your reaching for your fag, and lighting it etc? If you want to eat, smoke or drink, pull over and do it, and stop putting peoples lives at risk!