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  1. Asda instant shine is fine. apply once a week, job done!
  2. Have to wait for a letter. If only did it on saturday and so worried and nervous!
  3. It is now all starting to be nationalised. I had mine yesterday and was shocked. It is very formal and you get no prompting at all. Make sure you can speak for 20 minutes! "Specials Recruitment Up till now the recruitment of Special Constables has been a local matter - which means that each of the 43 forces could be running different recruitment processes and using different standards. However, since the launch of the National Strategy for the Special Constabulary in March 2008, the NPIA has been working with its partners to produce national standards and an assessment process. The assessment process is being rolled-out on a national level. Roll-out began on 1st April 2010 and continue through to March 2011. The NPIA will provide each force that adopts the new process with two training courses (assessor training and Quality Assurance training) and other support free of charge during this period."
  4. I beleive it is on the same day as interview and tests. They are going to write to us early june and give us more info on the assessment day.
  5. I passed short listening, assessment day is June 26th, and have chosen the october course :)
  6. Hello, just wondering if anyone on here has recently applied to the Leics Police specials opening? If so...say hello!
  7. what anyone thought!
  8. of two dwarfs
  9. packet of hobnobs (I pray hobnob is one word!!)
  10. As quoted on the tele.... GO COMPAAAAAAARE!! GO COMPAARE!! I know exactly how you feel. Being 18 myself, I struggle with insurance and thats on a 1.2! Won't be forever though until the price starts to come down I guess!
  11. Thank you!
  12. Where do the Lincs recruits do the 17 week theory stage of the Initial Police Learning and Development Programme? (Don't know where the other half of the post title has gone either!!!)
  13. Student officers is what I mean. In probationary period. Thanks for pointing that out The two posts on the same section was accidental, pressed "post new topic" twice and wasn't aware how to delete. Sorry
  14. Hello, [The title should be probationary officers - I haven't yet worked out how to edit the title!] I am doing my best to try and find out exactly what the two year probationary period entails. If anyone can post anything on here, for example; a normal days work as a probation officer, I would be interested to read about it. Anything else about the duties you carry out would be much appreciated. Thanks for your time
  15. If I wanted to stand out, I'd buy a car which doesn't need modifying to be noticed...