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  1. Thanks Jaydee that we sounds a whole lot better. I can't believe we only got 5 fact with all the easter and May bank hols plus a day at school it only ended up being 18 days Sent from my SM-J320FN using Tapatalk
  2. Hi All I have just finished my five week street duties/coached patrol following my foundation course and overall it didn't go all that well if I'm honest. One problem was that everyone was posted with a different instructor each day and I'd be interested to know whether this often happens or whether student officers in other areas/forces have more consistency. This to me was a bit like learning to drive and having a new driving instructor every day who didn't know you and what your strengths and weakesses and areas to improve were. I found that I achieved much more when I managed to get the same instructor for two days in a row not least because we could pick up where we left off the day before. Thanks in advance.
  3. Police specials and pregnancy

    Which force is it that allows the flexibility to attend workshops every other month? I am unable to do the rigid 23 Sundays in a row/4 weeks full time type options of my local force, though for completely different reasons to Rainbow and would welcome the opportunity to attend more flexibly.
  4. Met Specials disorganised training

    Thanks Aran. I'm beginning to think joining the Specials is not really compatible with my current day job both because of the training and also because you do come across things on the road (accidents, disruptive passengers etc) that would potentially require me to act as a police officer whilst somehow not abandoning up to 90 passengers who are relying on you to get them where they need to be. I will look at reapplying when/if I have a job that's a bit more shut away and has better hours. I'm happy to push myself and go the extra mile but there are safety limits in my current role. D
  5. In October 2011 I applied to join the Met Specials having decided that I would be able to spare at least 8 hours per week on average (so double the minimum). As I work shifts, which include weekends, I negotiated with my employer who kindly allowed me to change shifts to enable me to attend the weekly Sunday training course for 23 sessions. I passed all stages of the recruitment process. Vetting was a fair shambles; they kept us all in a room for an hour whilst they made sure all details on everybody’s forms were complete and legible but despite this managed to sit on mine for 3 months before the vetting lady calling me in a panic to say that she was unable to read the email address of one of my referees and didn’t want to send it to the wrong person. By this time, the referee was on holiday and unable to access his emails until after the deadline and I had to hastily find another referee during my lunch hour, which by some miracle I did. Otherwise I would not have been able to do the course and those careful negotiations and arrangements with my employer would have been in vain. I was allocated a date to start training and felt able to complete the course and be posted to borough comfortably without it having an impact on my work. However, on the induction day we were given a printed timetable for the course by one of our many tutors (never saw the same one twice) which included a number of weekends where we would be training on both Saturday and Sunday. Members of the class soon raised this with the tutor (A Sergeant of 25 years experience) who was just as unaware as we were that the timetable for this supposed Sunday course contained a number of Saturdays. I silently wondered to myself whether in her long career she made a habit of handing out, say, briefing notes at a briefing without having the faintest idea of the contents. I went apologetically back to my employer and requested the necessary changes which were granted and began the course. A number of the double day weekends were one following another, rather than being evenly spread throughout the course, meaning that I had one block of 23 days where I was either working or training. This was not what was agreed and I got to around day 18 and felt so tired that if I did not rest for a day I was in danger of a serious lapse due to fatigue. At this point I should explain that I am a bus driver, so while you can probably get away with drifting off occasionally if you work at a desk, in my current line of work, such lapses can have horrific consequences. I felt duty bound to give my apologies and miss a day’s training (I have an obvious responsibility towards passengers and other road users). With this day to make up and another block of 18 days solid I asked to put my training on hold. Unfortunately, there were no courses running throughout the summer of 2012 due to the Olympics and they stipulated that I would have to restart the course from the beginning because of the time that would have elapsed. So now I find myself in the position of having to re-start the course which I cannot do because I cannot get the time off again as the Met have frankly blown the opportunity for me by being so disorganised. You have to complete your training within a year and this is almost up so I now have to resign and go through the whole recruitment process again if I want to join again. I feel so annoyed by this as I considered carefully whether I could manage the training and the actual duties once attested. Had I known that it would be a Saturday AND Sunday course I would have delayed applying and not wasted the one off opportunity of having the time off work which is not on offer anymore as in my work’s eyes I blew it and dropped out. Only I didn’t blow it, the Met did. Does anyone have any ideas on how to approach this? I kind of want to get my views across but don’t want to blow future chances, or can I submit one of those Fairness at Work things mentioned in other topics on here? With my age (34) I feel I am running out of time to join the Specials and hopefully progress into the regulars. Thanks All.
  6. march april 2009 tvp application

    Congratulations Minako. I have also heard a week ago but the news wasn't so good - I came in the 79th percentile which seems quite good but clearly not good enough. The good news is the 6 month wait to reapply is from the date of application (3rd April) not the date of failure so I can reapply straightaway...once a force somewhere reopens! The feedback isnt what I'd hoped - I was imagining I'd get my form back with comments scribbled on it but its one of those rubbish automated reports where they tick boxes and the computer spews out vague sentences that dont relate at all to what you wrote. Has everyone now heard one way or the other? D
  7. march april 2009 tvp application

    Thats right, day before the deadline by special delivery so they could well have dealt with them in order of receipt date. I'll ask next time I call.
  8. march april 2009 tvp application

    Congrats Amigo - glad to hear there's still hope this late on - I was beginning to think all we were waiting for was the rejection printer to spew our letters out. I'm still none the wiser on my outcome. I did call at the end of last week and they said again that all forms have been marked, but were unable to tell me when I'd hear...
  9. march april 2009 tvp application

    Evening all - has anybody heard anything (I haven't)?
  10. march april 2009 tvp application

    I chased by email and received the following response yesterday (I presume it applies to everyone still outstanding): "The aim was to have all the files marked by the end of September and this is the case. We are currently processing hundreds of results and letters are going out to the unsuccessful candidates. Successful candidates will be notified by phone. If you haven’t received either by the end of next week please let us know."
  11. 10 year employment history

    Thanks. I did check my credit record checked a while ago for unrelated reasons and it was all good but will recheck it anyway. My main concern is what it suggests about my character - sometimes there is a very thin line between being business like and being dishonest and I suppose it depends on the line the force takes.
  12. march april 2009 tvp application

    Sent mine in the day before the deadline with guaranteed next day postage - they called about a month ago saying that it was still in the queue to be sifted but that I should hear by the end of Sept (got the impression that was more an estimate than a guarantee though). Have resisted the temptation to call lots as it must slow down the process if all 1400 of us keep calling/emailing. Is anyone else still waiting?
  13. 10 year employment history

    A number of years ago I worked for a company for a few months verifying paying suppliers and my boss said that basically I was not productive enough in my role, a major reason for this being that I was overly diligent in investigating discrepancies, particularly when the supplier was undercharging. They said basically that it would be better if I moved on and to be fair were supportive in assisting me (time off for interviews, good reference, notice period waived etc). Shortly after I had left, the company mistakenly paid me an extra month’s salary which I genuinely did not notice due to a house move and various rental deposits going in and out of my account. I remained blissfully unaware until they finally got round to chasing with debt collectors letters etc (to the old address of course!). Of course the irony of the company crying over me not returning their money given the nature of my departure did not escape me and I wrote a letter to that effect. Technically, I never refused to repay the money, but I did point out the irony of the situation and stated that I no longer had the money and would find it difficult to repay (true at the time). This appeared to have the magic effect of ceasing the threatened proceedings and I have not heard from them since. Now I have applied to join the Police I’m a little concerned that this employer may have the last laugh when it comes to referencing. Even though I’m fairly sure my manager has long left the company, its not impossible that a resentful accounts payable clerk added a note to my personnel file, (it’s a very large company and I’m guessing the reference will come from someone in HR who’s never met me but may have some kind of file). So what I’m wondering is: How deep does the Recruitment Team tend to go when referencing jobs that were years ago? Is it just start date, finish date, reason for leaving or do they ask for other info? And assuming this matter did come to the fore, how might it be perceived. I would argue that it is a. a civil not a criminal matter with no criminal and that I didn’t actually deny the overpayment or refuse to repay, I merely didn’t exactly go cap in hand with a cheque either. However I can also see how keeping the money could be perceived as me being somewhat lacking in honesty and integrity. And…I have considered making an offer to repay the money in installments (believe it or not my conscience does tell me I probably should do this) but again, the coincidence of me suddenly expressing a desire to repay a debt just at the time a reference request comes in for me may make things look worse AND its entirely possible that everyone concerned has moved on and there is no record of the matter until I blunder in with a signed confession, that is! It would be interesting to hear peoples views and any recommendations on this dilemma – most jobs I’ve applied for ask for just one reference and most of the time don’t even check that, but this is a whole new league. All the Best D