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  1. So that's £2.9 million taken from the force's budget in only one month. Not looking good for those who applied in March
  2. Notts Police recruitment drive 2010

    Notts Police face £2.2 million budget cut I wonder how they'll save the money for this, hope they don't end up deferring recruitment
  3. 3 Word Story

    hair or any
  4. 3 Word Story

    by a swirling
  5. 3 Word Story

    of a mirage
  6. Worse lyrics

    f I was a sculptor But then again, no :wacko: Elton John - Your Song

    Just found an interesting quiz at Check it out to see where the £620 billion went to, that the government spent in 2008/09
  8. 3 Word Story

    and Cillit BANG!
  9. 3 Word Story

    for providing us
  10. 3 Word Story

    , but the mouse
  11. 3 Word Story

    that would baffle
  12. 3 Word Story

    just had the power
  13. 3 Word Story

    possible to defy
  14. 3 Word Story

    sideways and slantways
  15. Notts Police recruitment drive 2010

    I'm a first timer applying to be an officer, tried going for PCSO in notts last year but didn't get past the app stage. Hopefully i've learnt from my mistakes and get lucky this time. Where are you transferring from?