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  1. Hi Gemma. First bit of advice is delete this profile and come back with one that doesn't have your name in it. It'll get mentioned to you very early in the recruitment process. For some reason they almost seem to see this site as cheating when it comes to recruitment. Probably delete this message then your account, then start again! P. M. Me if you've got questionsSent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
  2. S13 works, if you suspect they are in possession of a controlled drug you suspect they've committed an offence and can require their details.
  3. I can't be the only person wondering why you're being approached with lights and sirens on so often. Certainly doesn't sound like a stop search because you've got your hood up to me. Sounds like you're in the vicinity of a crime that required an urgent response quite often. With your hood up. At 4am. Acting in what would appear to the cops dealing to be an obstructive manner. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk 2
  4. There's no formal time limit for the reporting of most offences (/excluding certain traffic), and while I was sure the guidance was generally 6 months for simple assault I can't find anything online that refers to Scotland to support this belief. If there's an aggravation (domestic, racial, homophobic, etc) then the report will be taken longer than 6 months. And the reporter will be asked about the delay in reporting - has there been a fall out with the suspect that's now leading to the report, have you been threatening them with possibility of report, etc. Just noticed the mention of bullying, I'm assuming workplace related and possibly a loss of employment leading to the historical report. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk HD
  5. If that call came into our force I reckon it would be put through as a misper and we'd have to carry out some basic enquiries to confirm the friends wellbeing. Arse-covering exercise largely but it would happen. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk HD
  6. The existing law covers the offence of going into a licenced premises to buy for under 18s,no matter where you subsequently supply. The proposed new law looks like it would remove any need to show where/when the adult bought the booze, or that their intent when buying was to supply under 18s. simply passing it to the under 18s would become an offence.
  8. S41 for obstruction no? But, is there anything that specifically gives us powers to a) stop someone entering a street/common close/whatever because it's a locus and needs preserved, or do you just use your power of arrest and say it's obstruction? I suppose attempt pervert could be used at a stretch - evidence requires preserved, etc.
  9. Quoting myself might be bad form, but I can't see an edit option. The second sentence above comes from having seen it used, although it was prior to changes around 'public element' around common law bop. I should also have mentioned that the last part regarding selling solvents came from some searching online and a number of results, including one from Aberdeen council advice -*BADV092-0100.txt
  10. Given that I'd already know the tv crew wouldn't be broadcasting personal data I would be in a position to reassure the witness/accused in the first instance. If that didn't work I'd expect the tv crew to stand down at my request and that they'd be happy to do so given the mutual agreement in place.
  11. 38 is for threatening or abusive. Common law bop would cover your example. Common law also covers selling solvents when they'll obviously be used for abusive purpose!
  12. Yep, only once. Think it'll get used increasingly for domestic stalking once the first few have made their way through the courts. Especially as it can be changed to a 38 by the courts if there's insufficient for stalking.
  13. In the example you give it could easily be justified to say that the 'Freeman type' is now obstructing the officer in that his actions are causing a witness to be afraid to provide information that he would were it not for the 'Freeman type'.
  14. No problem! Bottom of kitbag or padlocked in your toolbox wouldn't ever cause you any difficulties imo. I won't say your age will help with your defence, I've seen a guy approaching sixty with a kitchen knife tucked in his sock before!
  15. Is s39 CJLS 2010 not just the new(ish) stalking law?