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  1. Hi, Are we allowed to wear the ceremonial uniform to civilian funerals ? For example. If your mother had passed away, but never got seen you in uniform, could you wear it ? Obviously, i would take if off before having a few drinks after the ceremoney. Would it be better off asking someone from the force ? Thanks.

    Well, in a nutshell, no one is going to be recruiting because as of today, no one will have any money, thanks to darth osbourne. Apply to become a special, as they will be the only police around for a few years.
  3. Recruitment Freezing and Me

    HAHAHAHAHAH I think you'r the scottish version of myself. I went to college for 2 years and i'm still waiting to apply, let alone be accepted, which i suspect myself, you, and thousands others are too. Reality is that this recruitment freeze with most forces are going to go beyond your 2 or 3 year wait. I would highly recommend that in the meantime you should think about applying to become a Special Constable. Good luck Sean
  4. whats it like?

    Thames valley police opend recruitment last week, you only had 2 days to declare your interest online. Applications have to be in by the 18 of june. As you can see, not alot of time.
  5. Education and PCSO's

    Hey I'm in the same boat as you, at GCSE level i got 2 C's and 6 D's, mainly because i didn't try hard enough. Since leaving school may grammar, puncuation etc suffered, but with a little bit of effort and staying off facebook, i feel my English has improved. One thing that does get to me is when i read about other applicants who have GCSE's, A levels and Degree's, To think that im up against these people, puts me on a downer to be honest. But, after failing my specials PIRT by 1 point, i now know that with a little bit more work, I CAN DO IT!!. And so can you!
  6. Gwent Specials march 2010

    If i was both of you, i would phone the specials co-ordinator and ask whats going on, i'm aware of quite a few people who have passed and all got the AC on monday.
  7. Gwent Specials march 2010

    Just to update everyone, i received a letter today informing me that i have PASSED !!!. The assessment day is the 19th april at 5.30. Hope to see some of you thier !!!
  8. Gwent Specials march 2010

    I failed the competancy questions for merseyside on tuesday, so im not feeling so confident right now as i used the sames ones for Gwent. Anyway, lets keep each other updated if we hear anything. And good luck....
  9. Gwent Specials march 2010

    My friend phoned up today to get a application and a man said the actual closing date is next friday ( but he never said it :shhh: ). Most probably been pushed back to allow more people to apply. Well good luck everyone
  10. Gwent Specials march 2010

    They phoned me last friday and said the closing date is monday 22nd. Also, they know the competancy questions are very hard but just give them your best shot. I got a feeling they aint had many applicants.
  11. Gwent Specials march 2010

    Hahaha I'm from Ebbw vale. Have recruitment phoned you?
  12. Dyfed-Powys Police unveils 12 new police cadets

    I would have loved to have had the chance to join the police cadets, but, during all the cutbacks due to funding, i think it's a waste of money. I would rather see a extra police officer or a pcso than 12 police cadets. Alright, it could be a good investment for the future, if they still want to join the police that is
  13. Gwent Specials march 2010

    Just finnished my 1st draft and going to write it in best over the weekend, then send it off monday. Training wise, im fit and strong enough to be honest, Where you two from ?
  14. Gwent Specials march 2010

    well, today i got the aapplicatiom form, its exactly the same as the police officer application form regarding the questions etc.
  15. Gwent Specials march 2010

    Just rang them, answered the normall tattoo questions etc. Then they said im going to have to undertake a fitness test and that they will contact me in due course. No application form or anything, is this normal ?