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  1. Bulking boots for Wethersfield

    I've bought just one pair of boots to do me initially but will buy a second pair after first month's pay comes in. Haven't polished mine at all yet. My understanding is they don't need bulled until much closer to parade
  2. Weathersfeild for training

    I ended up buying a pair of bates zero mass side zip boots for £40 online down from £96 odd. Hope they fit, I hate buying online but no decent store to me locally.
  3. September 2017 course

    I'll have to be, still sore just getting up from the sofa or out of bed. Lol hoping the bleep test/PT training isn't until a week or two into the course as it'd give me the extra time to recover. Looking forward to it though. Eventually heading to Portsmouth myself.
  4. Weathersfeild for training

    I'm flying so have to be picky about what I do or don't bring. Trying to pick a good pair of boots for wide feet without breaking the bank like a pair of Altbergs would be great but maybe get a pair for Christmas. Anyone got any tips for cheaper boots that don't fit too tight? Durability isn't an issue as they'll be getting replaced in a few months anyway.
  5. September 2017 course

    I had an emergency appendectomy last night. Absolute nightmare! Can barely move today.
  6. September 2017 course

    Got contract today. Anyone know when do we start pre course learning?
  7. September 2017 course

    PM'd you.
  8. September 2017 course

    I'm from N.I so was relocating wherever they put me as only experienced officers get based here at the DCPO post.
  9. September 2017 course

    Anyone else relocating for the job?
  10. September 2017 course

    That's absolutely true and I think its a real testament to our firearms officers here in the UK when compared to many other places in the world that so few of our firearms officers have ever had to discharge their firearms in anger.
  11. September 2017 course

    I'm happy to have got Portsmouth as I'm relocating and have family there. Better choice for me than AWE but I do regret not getting issued with c8 as it's an ally wee weapon with more punch than an mp7.
  12. September 2017 course

    I'm heading to Portsmouth
  13. next course

    So excited to find out where the vacancies might be. :-)
  14. next course

    Scratch that. I understand recruitment are running a SEARCH this week so should hear sometime next week if you're up next for Sept course. This of course is just my understanding and its worth checking with your recruiter about your own application status. Oh also last I heard they were looking at 11th Sept as a start date but that may have changed since I last spoke to them.
  15. next course

    Hoping to find out this week what vacancies are available on the course. :-)