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  1. January the 9th intake

    I don't have a P45 either yet. Paper, pens & PE kit. That's do-able. So no one is taking their duty or parade boots on day one? See you tomorrow folks
  2. Division/Sub Division Allocation

    Cool, I got my email too. B division for me. Yaldi
  3. January the 9th intake

    I'd take everything to Jackton. I think. You don't want to not have something :-/
  4. January the 9th intake

    Handed my resignation into work on Friday after the run. Had my uniform fitting today. Yeah I got a lot of 'spares' back too. Guess ill never run out tshirts. Gonna hand in my resignation to my sgt tonight I think. Roll on January :)
  5. Fitness test Friday

    I think the sgt said 58?
  6. Fitness test Friday

    I'm sure i sat down next to you when I arrived, but at the time It didnt enter my head. Head was elsewhere lol. Congrats on your run. Everyone on the red run passed, I'm hoping so for the yellow run too.
  7. Fitness test Friday

    Well if it's the run, I'll be running the fastest I've went, if only to not freeze to death in the car park. :)
  8. Fitness test Friday

    Well, in theory I suppose they won't know for certain that you are being offered a position until the drugs test results come in. With less only 4 weeks til our start date, I'm not sure how they are going to wangle that one. I guess our vetting will be done by Friday, and if you pass the fitness (which we all will) then it's only the drugs results. I have to hand my notice into work this week too, assuming I beat the run :)
  9. start dates in 2013

    Congrats :)
  10. fitness tests

    I don't know why my auto correct decided to destroy my post, but hopefully you got the meaning. Lol :-/
  11. fitness tests

    Each same here. I passed the SET a in 09, didn't make it through te proces. But didnt had to resist the SETs for the specials last year or regular recruitment this year. I think your SET pass will last you. Well, dependant on what they do with the sungle force, recruitment could change I suppose.
  12. Strathclyde Set exam 4th December

    Yeah, you should know by the end of the tests if you have passed. Each paper is 30 mins, so 1.5 hours for the test, then marking time. But 3 hours does sound like quite a while.
  13. Fitness Test

    Thanks, good advice. Yeah I agree the stress and competitive streak on the day will push me that bit farther. I think I just need to get used to the speed I need to run at each level. :-/
  14. Fitness Test

    Just tried a bleep test. I am not the best at these. I think I just need to sort of my running at the lower levels as I seem to be starting too fast, I have time to spare before the beep. Anyone any tips for the beep test just incase we get it? The run would definitely be preferred.
  15. Fitness Test

    I'd say that it's hard to give advice on the final, my interviewers focused a lot of the questions on my personal experience of being a special. I think they tailor the interview to your personal situation. How you react to things, how you would deal with situations. I would however go over the stuff that you studied for the initial as they may ask you a few questions around that info. So I'd say the best advice for the final is to go over your initial interview stuff ad also try to relax about it. Also think about situation where you've worked in a team, dealt with a difficult situation. Stuff like that. (You could look over the topics on here about the final too, but I think they say pretty much the same thing). They definately take a minute at the start to calm your nerves, use the ice breaker question to get into the swing if it, also drink the water. :) Sorry I can't give you better advice. Good luck when it comes :)