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  1. AFO'S

    Are BTP still recruiting for AFO's from within BTP (Internal) or are they accepting transferees.
  2. Fire arms assessment

    yeah thanks for that Rudi,
  3. Fire arms assessment

    Hi Yorkiepud All the fire arms assessment is basically they will walk and talk you through the normal safety percautions on picking up the firearm. You will all in be in one line when they carry this out. Then the same for the load, ready, stoppage drills, actions on the word of command stop, and the unload show clear. This will all be done in 40 minutes or less. This is nothing to worry about its just to see if you can carry out basic orders, as i said they will talk you through it. Its all dry training that means no bullets at all live or drill. Hope this helps you mate. All the best for your assessment
  4. Taser would you?

    Yes definitely should be issued to front line officers for general use and would use it.
  5. MDP - what's going on?

    ok cheers thanks for that will look on orders next week. much appeciated.
  6. Is this girl thick?

    She is pretty thick! i can see what he married her for and it was not her brain lol.
  7. MDP - what's going on?

    Yeah i know but it will take time to do that whatever they decide in the future. At least some of us in the MDP are still able to transfer if the worst comes to the worst.
  8. Police Officers Mauled by Dog

    Hope all officers make a full and speedy recovery from this incident and don't have to many scars mental or physical. All the best to you
  9. MDP - what's going on?

    Hi Police 1078 can you remember where you had seen it on the force intranet. I looked the other day and could not find it was looking for over an hour and was trying to show my colleague as he did not believe me. On nights tomorrow will look again if you can tell me where to look. Cheers
  10. MDP - what's going on?

    Yeah i seen it last night whilst i was on the intranet as well. Never seen anything like it before, your probably right they are trying to get rid of all of us either on VERS on transfer to get the numbers down so we can be absorbed by the CNC in the future. But hey we will have to wait and see.
  11. CNC - What's the deal?

    Hi Yorkypud My advice to you is to take the promotion in Kent and look after your wife and babies. I know you want to be a copper but your wife and kids need you. Being a CNC copper is just being an armed guard, you won't get any policing done as you will be in the middle of nowhere. I am an MoD Copper i have done armed guarding with a little bit of policing. You would be better off taking promotion then trying to be a Police special in Kent and get in that way, if you want to be a proper copper. All the best which ever you decide mate.
  12. CNC/MDP Merger

    The Other rumour is that Sharon Taylor who left the MDP in 2008 (Talk Through Issue 136) who went to Devon and Cornwall Constabulary as ACC, might be coming back as CCMDP. That might be a good thing but will have to wait and see. You might be right there police 1078 about our gain and Wilts loss. Yep our deputy as acting not a good thing someone call the police.
  13. CNC/MDP Merger

    The News on the grapevine is the MDPCC is leaving on VERS 2 and is applying for Chief Constable WILTSPOL.? how true this is i don't know.
  14. CNC/MDP Merger

    MDPCC would not Know or care as he is going in June on VERS.
  15. So what did he find?

    Cannabis Farm i bet you. :boxing: