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  1. I have read about the incident many times, my point is when a non-Muslim commits a crime like this it's hardly flagged as a terrorist attack..
  2. Probably because of their religion, I remember when Andres Brevik carried out his act, he was labled as a mad man, but now there has been some violence against Muslims and people have been throwing incendiary grenades at mosques, that should be an act of terrorism to, but just another hate crime.
  3. The issue I had with this story is how the described it, UK has a big problem with knife crime and I see this no worse, yes it was more violent and they killed a soldier, but should it actually be justified as a "terrorist attack"? if the government think stabbing and basically chopping someone up is an act of terrorism then I guess everyone who has stabbed, shot someone is a terrorist..
  4. Pitbulls need to be on a lead and muzzled at all times in a public place not sure about other dogs, but I guess if it bites then it should be on a lead..
  5. Yes that is rape. Never got consent, she never wanted it, and he forced it that is RAPE. He is also now threatning your family. So report it to the police. Very likely he will be jailed obviously..
  6. I have a cat like this > http://www.great-pictures-of-cats.com/image-files/tabby-cat-1.jpg very good and killing mice, also very good at sleeping for hours, and also very good at taking a **** around the house.. lol.
  7. Is it compulsory to vote in the UK? I been told by family members you will get fined if you don't vote and register! I hate politics..
  8. I agree tbh, the dogs really do what they trained to do and listen to their owner you can't really blame the dogs if it is trained like that. I think the owners should be put down not the dogs :)
  9. Ouch, I am not sure if it is a pitbull but I can say the dogs they have are not friendly, and they are 10x bigger and powerful that the owners. I think they are cross-breeds.
  10. Police Officer attacked by Pitbull, now it's my turn I am sure you guys have seen this on Youtube and heard it on the news : I have to say his colleagues did a good job (the firearms officers, not the one digesting his food). The main thing I have come to discuss is that there are a lot of chavs around here and they got dogs and when I say "dogs" I mean violent dogs like the which will eat you alive if they feel like it, the chavs use this to intimidate people, and the worst thing is that you got young kids holding these dogs while these dogs are 10x powerful then them and at any time can chew them up and attack someone else. What can I do about such things?
  11. How did he post on twitter if he was Blind?
  12. LOL, they make billions from it they not going to shut it down, the only person (or group) who can shut it down are Anonymous..
  13. One shot was enough, what the police officer did was quite wrong, also why have a dog if it comes to no use?
  14. that is very very ###### sad...
  15. Has anyone been killed yet? or Seriously injured? btw did this start because FAOs shot a black man?.....