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  1. Transferring from the Met?

    Mate I left the met in 2012 with 12 years service to another force in the north west, while I miss the work in the met I've settled in well and even got promoted within 3 years having had to build my reputation within my new force. Go for it mate if you want it
  2. Shafted again

    I got nights tomorrow and lates Sunday ..... The joys
  3. Fed up of people on maternity leave

    I am guessing that you dont have a family or children of your own....if you did i think your attitude would be different
  4. Response

    I transferred forces last year and was forced back onto response from pro active robbery ...... it sucked some of the jobs we go to are a total joke and not for the police to even get involved in. I wouldn't give up a role on firearms mate the way it is now you more than likely will get stuck on response forever.
  5. Transferee's

    don't think it will be happening again for a long time mate, i was one of the lucky 12 who got in last august. Although think about it carefully when i transferred in i was stripped off all my skills overnight, L2, Taser, stinger to name but a few.... and there are no training courses to be had for ANYTHING.
  6. What do all police vans have in common?

    Ours are rubbish 03 plates! Old smelly noisy and rubbish to drive
  7. Transferring

    Think how I felt after 13! Good luck mate
  8. Transferring

    I've gone through two transfers in my life so far (wont be moving again) they will look for you to have a good understanding of the force you are applying for key values, priorities, current focus ect..... Then consider your competences ie. respect for race and diversity ect... And make sure you have some examples. Remember your positives and negative of yourself. What you would like to achieve ect....and most importantly why you want to join that force and what you have to offer that force. Make sure your looking your best and try to make an impression for the right reasons. Good luck mate I know how important these things can be and your whole live at home can depend on it. Keep your focus and I'm sure your do well. All the best
  9. Yer makes me wonder how long it is since the Dixon of dock green was on the beat.....
  10. SORN (vehicle road tax)

    Can't see anything happening mate
  11. The Police - it's really not a job worth doing

    I've been there too but things turned around I got a transfer alot closer to home, got put on a brilliant team and even caught a burglar in the act last night, I'm loving the job again and just don't worry about the rubbish. Chin up mate as d.ream said things can only get better
  12. Retired police officers face 'huge' pension tax bills

    Just another nail in the coffin ...... Our pension truly is screwed up
  13. I'm in Cheshire having transferred from the met and I have to say Cheshire kit is much better the combats are a good fit black tops are brilliant as they don't need ironing and take minuets to dry. The stab vests are comfortable and you even get issued a black Woolley hat! Met kit was rubbish the trousers were awful and the white shirts dirty after five minuets at work. I think the black kit looks smart you just have to take care of it
  14. Vibrating fake vagina ...... Was disgusting