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  1. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Finally got it yesterday but I had to chase it up as I needed to get my notice in yesterday too! Relieved thats it all signed and sealed so to speak!
  2. Police Scotland Recruitment

    About 30-40mins. Are you on Dec intake?
  3. December 2017 intake

    Has anyone that is going on the Dec intake received their formal offer yet? I need to hand in my notice by this Fri at the latest so anxiously waiting for it!
  4. Any rejoiners out there?

    My application is in, sent it in towards the end of May. I had a chat with the recruitment inspector a week ago and just waiting for one more reference to come back. Once that is back a report goes to the CI to decide if you get through to the next part of the process. I can't seem to find any rejoiners who have gone through the next part to have a chat about the interview. I am wondering how different the interview is for rejoiners. Happy to have a chat if you have any questions too, good luck with your application 😊 Ps how long have you been out for?
  5. Any rejoiners out there?

    I am currently going through the recruitment process as a re-joiner and I am looking to have a chat with anyone else who has re-joined. Thanks :-)