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  1. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Always is.
  2. Shift pattern question

    In Edinburgh it's N = 22.00-07.00 B = 14.00-00.00 D = 07.00-16.00 with minor variations on those on Fridays and Saturdays
  3. No, no such rule enforced. Although the legacy force areas may do things a little differently particularly smaller rural divisions. In the cities there is no mandatory rotation.
  4. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Tullialla hours are 08.30-17.00 weekdays except Fridays where there's an early finish at 14.30. One or two to a room.
  5. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Any news on any Sept or Oct intake dates?
  6. Police Scotland Medical Question.

    Stay positive!!!
  7. Police Scotland Medical Question.

    MA164, have you heard anything back yet?
  8. Advice On Route Into Police

    MA164 is spot on. These days police forces value different people from different walks of life, ages etc. Whether you're 19/29/39 it shouldn't put you off at all. You seem to be keen enough from what you've said. Go for it!! Have you looked at the competencies required and are you able to provide good examples of when you've used given competencies?
  9. Advice On Route Into Police

    Well there are many police officers who start at a young age. Be confident about being invited to the assessment centre and try to be reasonably confident of passing. If you don't manage to pass it there will be other opportunities after six months and you will have had the invaluable experience of seeing first hand what an AC is like. Joining as a special if there's the possibility in a neighbouring force maybe a good idea, but you're young enough to have lots of time to find the right avenue which suits you. Good luck!!
  10. Just be as specific as you can as far as you can recall. They will accept that over time your memory of the incidents will have faded. It might be worth mentioning that fact that you are not 100% sure of the exact details. The fact that you have declared them shows your integrity and that is the main thing Vetting departments are concerned with.
  11. Police scotland Initial interview

    Newbie2586, how did your initial interview go at Fettes?
  12. Ham24 couldn't have summed it up better!
  13. I recently passed vetting and it took around five weeks. My advice is to be an open book. Declare as much as you can about your PCNs from what you can remember and you should have no problems. Which force are you applying to?
  14. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Any news on the next intake date?
  15. City Of London Recruitment

    No idea unfortunately