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  1. Lancashire

    Thanks for the post Mossy that makes things a little clearer for me.
  2. Lancashire

    3 occasions in the last 12 months isn't too bad but no more than 8 days per year over last 3 years is pretty tight if someone has been sick a few times.
  3. Lancashire

    Thanks Cheshire38. I applied for lancs before quite a few years back but things didnt work out. Would love a career as a Police officer. Congratulations Mossy well done. Mossy do Merseyside still have a strict policy on sickness? My sickness record is good but I remember Merseyside was very strict with number of days absence in past 3 years etc.
  4. Lancashire

    Thanks cheshire100 😊 would love to apply for it again but can't see it happening
  5. New Recruitment for Police Officers

    Just a quick update to let you all know Lancashire Police will be opening recruitment for Police Officers on the 1st November 2016! Good luck Jonny
  6. Reality kicks in......

    Hi Ovey, do you have any family that could help out during your 17 week training period?
  7. 'Rookies' Itv monday night 9pm

    Loved this show, makes me want to give recuitment one more try!
  8. Reality kicks in......

    Sorry to hear about your application. Feel gutted for you. Good luck with everything.
  9. 'Rookies' Itv monday night 9pm

    Watched Mondays epsiode last night, really enjoying the show. It shows that Police Officers are human and they make mistakes like everyone else.
  10. Application timescale

    Good luck Mk86 let us know how you get on
  11. Application sent to join the Royal Military Police Reserves

    How can I find out about the national unit? Via the Army website?
  12. Application sent to join the Royal Military Police Reserves

    Good luck ChrisKillie, I would apply for the RMP reserves myself but unfortunately there are no units in Northern Ireland.
  13. Looking for advice

    Thanks for the replies. Just downloaded the application form and noticed it says (Following initial training I would be interested in specialising as follows) So it does look like there is a good chance of joining one of these units after probation. So do you think its better to be based at one of the bases in Scotland or AWE as a newbie?
  14. Looking for advice

    Hi all, Ive got a couple of questions about force. Could anybody tell me what the morale is like in the force at the minute? (particulary in Scotland) I read an article about how one in six police officers plan to exit the service across England and Wales. This article didnt mention the MDP, thats why I am asking this question. Also could anybody tell me honestly what the chances of promotion are after 2 years? and are the specialist units open for applicants or is this just a selling point on the webiste? Thanks Jonny
  15. 'Rookies' Itv monday night 9pm

    Thanks smartypants73 😃