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  1. Hopefully you will get through the next time 😃
  2. How did you guys get on with your interviews and applications to the Gibraltar Police?
  3. How about these guys? Washington National Cathedral Police-
  4. Very thought provoking
  5. Thanks PC_Polly, I would be applying as a new recruit. Ive wanted to be a Police Officer for a long time. 😃
  6. Hi PC_Polly, what are Police Scotland like to work for?
  7. Cheers robcatterz90 Dont think I will be applying this time round. Good luck with your application.
  8. Saw the advert for Gibraltar Defence Police on their facebook page. Facebook advert-
  9. Watched the tv show last night, and started researching the Police in Gibraltar on google. Turns out there is also Gibraltar Defence Police on the Island and they are also recruiting. It looks like they are very similar to the MDP in the UK. Gibraltar looks like a cool place to live.
  10. Just saw a tv show on Sky tonight -Gilbraltar: Britain in the Sun, but looks like you guys have already checked it out. Good luck with your application. Jonny
  11. What constabulary are you with?
  12. I will remember this advice when I become a newbie. Thank you.
  13. Hi RonHardy I will PM you later
  14. Hello and welcome to the forum :-)
  15. I bought a Nikon D3100. Really good camera.