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  1. I have just bought a new Samsung phone, but before this I had an Iphone with Iplod on it. Just wondered if or what is the best App out there that is like Iplod. Any thoughts?
  2. Cheers, that's what I have done and managed to get a set thanks.
  3. Was wondering if anyone had the latest Police Pass books they wanted to sell?
  4. Yeah intel report submitted so everyone will know that he likes to kick off and has a bloody big dog. He was done at Crown for PWITS and Crim Dam on the cell he trashed so that is why they probably dropped the resist arrest. Still does not takeaway that he should have been done, but hey ho that's the job I suppose. I know one thing though if I ever come across this individual again I will be definitely considering my options before I deal with him. :boxing: Thanks for the comments and feedback. Bravo4 always smiling :biggrin:
  5. I recently dealt with a job and I thought I was assaulted, but in the end the charge was resisting arrest, which ok I was not best pleased but at least the guy was going to court for it. I checked on the result the other day and blow me the CPS withdrew the resist arrest. The matter was withdrawn with no consultation with me or the other officer involved. I am new to the job and was totally disheartened by this result. I am just wondering if I have any redress on this matter and if I would be in my rights to speak to the CPS to ask the question why they seemed it was fit to withdraw the resist arrest. Just to give you the back ground. A male was wanted for FTA I went to his address initially put the first cuff on and he then decided to kick off and I had a struggle with him that resulted in me hitting my arm into a door frame. I must admit it was not a bad injury just some swelling and bruising, but he also set his Bull Mastiff on me and I had to withdraw from the property or I was going to be bitten by the dog. Eventually he came out of the address after another patrol attended and was then taken to custody. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Don't know really what the answer is. A bit gutted really he was arrested for assault con, but was charged with resist arrest.
  7. It was a dwelling. I thought maybe affray.
  8. Just after some advice on dogs in a private dwelling. If they are used to threaten someone but they are not bitten. What offence has been committed if any?
  9. This may help.
  10. Gone for the Lenser T7
  11. Hope your good at your day job lol.
  12. Whats the difference between the 2?
  13. What Lenser did you go for?
  14. The ebay torch has packed in so it is time to put my money where my mouth is. I am looking for a torch that goes on my belt and has a nylon pouch to boot. Any recommendations?
  15. I did, but I was advised not ot pay to much for a torch. I was told that it will either get broken on the job or someone would lift it if it was left lying around so I bought a Surefire copy of ebay see link. It is fantastic for the money it is small light and fits on your belt with a nylon sheath. It uses CR123a Batteries so I bought 4 rechargables and I always keep a spare set in my duty bag. I also bought a 3D LED Maglite that I keep in my bag. Hope this helps.