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  1. West Mids Anyone

    Like I said last year's recruitment was taken in 3 staggered phases. I passed my papersift and telephone interview in April/May 2014 and waited until February 2015 for my AC. My medical, fitness and final force interview then flew through. Others were much quicker than me. There was an intake in Oct, an intake in March and one now due in July. The same or similar process will more than likely occur this time around. Just because 3 or 4 people have the same timelines doesn't mean 'everyone' else will. April 2014 20,000 registered and over 4,000 applied in 10 days. 4,000 people couldn't all.go get assessed at once.
  2. Maths and Verbal Reasoning

    Mate if you scroll back to the 28th Feb 2015, I asked the very same question, for the very same reason. The maths test was insanely hard for the little time given to complete the test. In the Psychometric Test scores alone I got a C for Decision Making (Numerical Ability Test) and A in Written Communication (Verbal Ability Test). Both NAT and VAT count for very little compared to the same or similar competencies assessed in the roleplays, structured interviews, written incident reports, etc.
  3. West Mids Anyone

    Timelines don't mean too much; they are general guidelines. Trust me I've only just got my start date from last year's intake.April 2014's drive shut after 10 days, and then the candidates were split into 3 phases. Be patient and work hard. You'll get there!
  4. West Mids Anyone

    Very best of luck to you Siobhaan in your second attempt at the process. I hope your telephone interview went well. Thank you for your honest comments on the final interview stage. I had mine yesterday but only read your comments afterwards. You were spot on, it was pretty intense and nervy.
  5. West Mids Anyone

    Hi Siobhann10, Was the Final Force Interview hard?
  6. I've recently attended an Assessment Centre where the pass mark was 60%. I feel the roleplays, structured interviews and written exercises went well. My verbal ability went ok, but the Maths was insanely hard! It was at least A-Level stats equivalent. I've passed the old Police Maths test, have a B at GCSE and have breezed all my practice tests in a Police recruitment book. Irrespective of a 50, 55 or 60% pass mark, does anyone know how much the Maths counts for, and if you fail it (i.e lowest mark being a D) can you still pass overall?
  7. UPDATE LETTER about recruitment

    Well I'm surprised they even bothered to send us written confirmation. We have all been put through the ringer. 4 years and nothing to show for our efforts. Good luck to anyone brave enough to apply again
  8. I can't see recruitment opening before April and the new financial year.
  9. Human Resorces update

    Has anyone spoken to recruitment recently? Does anyone know what is going on?
  10. Human Resorces update

    It would seem so Lizzie. If you read December's live webchat on the PCC's website, you'll find that the CC has dimissed the idea of honouring the hold candidates. I believe there are two meetings this month and a final decision made on 'all things recruitment' in Febraury.
  12. Yeah we filled out deferral forms, but I doubt they hold any legal weight.
  13. Hi Speedy Obviously it needs to be put in writing, but it's not looking good at all. In my eyes it's dead in the water. Personally I think they'll follow the lead of the MET and other forces, and look towards Specials and candidates who have Policing or Criminiology qualifications. It is a career that has now become harder than ever to get into. Police recruitment, along with the Fire Service are getting tougher and tougher in the current economic climate. It may be worth looking at the Specials when they next recruit (providing your interested), as an eventual way in to the Regulars.