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  1. Good to here that the dust is starting to settle. We haven't had the major cuts that the Home office have had but still had to make savings to increase front line resources. Still have a relatively new armed unit ourselves which are still finding their feet in my opinion. So your new role is is guarding role or still response In the sense of arv? If that's op info I understand and apologise for asking,
  2. Hey, Good to hear from a long serving mdp officer. How's things over in the MDP these days? Starting to settle down from all the cuts? I have heard the training is very good in mdp?? Btp officer
  3. Hello, Just wandering if anyone has a study guide for police sgt exam for 2014. I know it might not be out yet as it is still a while till the exam but just wandered if anyone could help? Or point me in the direction of where I could find one? Cheers
  4. I don't think BTP is going anywhere, we have managed to cut crime on the network for the last 5 years running I believe. We have some of it not the highest detection rate for Crimes out of any forces. Lead on some of the biggest counter terrorism projects around certain seceneories. We also police football fan on a weekly basis on a busy transport network keeping disruption to a minimum. We do all of this with less cops then most forces, and save the rail TOC'S a lot more money then they put into our force. We also help the local forces a lot to with football escorts from grounds, policing events, random disorder such as riots etc. I can't say for the rest of the force. I can't say for the rest of my force but having spoken to other colleagues we all help the local police when we can. We always listen to local channels and go to assist with various calls especially when a single crew unit is going. I personally am very grateful for the tremendous amount of support that yourselves give to our force every day. In London it's a different kettle of fish and we will attend all our own calls outside we don't have enough cops but that might be changing soon, BTP is going through a big restructuring program, and hopefully the results will be very positive. There has been talk that we would take over the motorways and airports for a long time. Personally I think we could do a fantastic job in relation to those areas, but would need the funding for it, I would like to see us take over the officers that already do those roles and then as the future goes on recurit from scratch. As it is you could pretty much put motorway cops in central location near our police stations anyway as most of them aren't far from motorway links. The next 5 years are going to be interesting time for BTP and I for one am looking forward to the new challenges!
  5. Also have a look at soca website which will be the NCA come September and they have already posted over 35 roles for secondments for a 2 year period and you need to have CID training with PIP 2 for most of them at least that Give you a break new team and also they do investigate some great things and put away some horrible people..... Anyway just a thought
  6. Meant more about duties, responsibilities? Think they have civies doing the barriers now or some kinda cheaper guard force?
  7. Oo sounds interesting, alot of people be interested in this, I know alot of people where stopped on the last recruitment freeze. Just out of interest always wandered could you give us a day in the life of mdp officer kinda of thing. Obviously no specific locations or any information which can't be posted I understood just wandered
  8. hows things going over there in the mdp? I know you guys have had some bad budget cuts?
  9. Hello, Does anyone know where i can get a list of the PNC Warning Markers I.E. what they stand for? I know WM is Wanted Marker just there seems to be loads and i only know the main few. Maybe on Ncalt? Cheers
  10. Hello, I was just wandering if anyone knew or had been informed by there force yet of the increases in pension payments. I have been told it will be 13.7% by 2015 but unsure if it is going up before that at a steady rate or just moving to 13.7% in 2015? Thanks
  11. I have just read that article and i could be wrong but no where does it say its cutting front line officers? it talks about police posts, which i think from the article is mostly police staff roles, so i wouldn't take anything from this about recruitment. mike
  12. Hey 777, so you are starting on Monday?, I hope to start on the next intake for northants so any info on how the training goes would be great, could I ask you when did you originally apply, I passed my assessment centre last august? Can I ask you when you passed yours just wandering how long it’s been for you to get your start date? Good luck btw sure u will do fine mike
  13. no, wish i was... i hope to be on the september intake, are u starting on monday then?

  14. Hey mate, i see you are starting with Northants too. Are you starting this monday?

  15. thanks for the reply, I guess i will just wait and see what training we get given when we start, i have heard from a couple of officers i know in Northamptonshire that there is a long waiting list for the extra driving course, which i assume by this they mean the advanced driving one. mike