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  1. Should I transfer to the Met?

    You might want to try posting in the Met force specific area.
  2. Day one Assessment -MET 2013

    So is the Met 55% for externals?
  3. No, not O from IDCOPPLAN. That O is to prevent unlawful 'obstruction' of a highway.
  4. Application Form 'caution'

    Declare every dealing you've had with the police!
  5. Any ideas when Hampshire may open up to 'suitably qualified members of the public'?
  6. Police call handler interivew

    Hi, I got the job. It was a competency based interview with scenarios. Generally, how would you deal with/ how have you dealt with...? If you know the police officer competencies then have an example for each and an understanding of the role. Be enthusiastic and confident. Good luck.
  7. Sussex or Met Police

    Like Zeus said, much higher chance of getting in with the Met. The recruitment process is a lot shorter too. Just Day 1 and Day 2, no final interview to contend with! You could always transfer out to Sussex later on.
  8. Police call handler interivew

    Thanks for replying. I'll make sure that I have lots of scenarios ready!
  9. Hello, does anyone have any advice for call handler interview?
  10. The Six Month Rule

    If you are talking about 'police' services then no you can't. All HO forces are subject to the six month rule.
  11. Norfolk Application

    Oh I almost forgot, if you're male you will have to drop your pants and do the cough test... The nurse had really cold hands for mine
  12. Norfolk Application

    Urine test for drugs, and maybe diabetes. Hearing test, eyesight test, lung function test (blowing into a tube), blood pressure, weight, height, BMI etc. I think that is pretty much everything - nothing to worry about.
  13. Norfolk Application

    Hearing tests are included in medical. You have to sit in a booth with headphones on and press a button every time you hear a sound.
  14. registration forms

    This is just a standard form sent out to everyone. I've no idea why they don't send it out with the application form.
  15. BTP 2013 intake

    When did you guys apply?