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  1. Cambs recruiting

    No idea sorry. I'm not in any recruitment process anymore. I'd give them a call
  2. Just thought I'd put it up on here, cambs are recruiting if anyone was interested, info on their website.
  3. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    Most forces don't have a boot allowance, the word allowance comes from the £140 you can claim from the tax man for 'Uniform Allowance'. Can be found here http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/manuals/eimanual/eim68130.htm
  4. Hi all Just to let you all know Norfolk have today opened Recuitment for PCSO'S and PC's who would like to transfer from another force. Regards
  5. All passed, start in a few weeks time.
  6. Yea it weren't easy. Need to do your research and practice ur presentation over and over!!
  7. Norfolk Nov 12th

    Hi All Just wondered if anyone on here is starting with Norfolk on the 12th? Been nearly 3 years since I applied but got there in the end. Anyone else getting slightly nervous now?? Any tips on what I'll need to take on the first day would be welcome. I know I'll need plenty of pens, paper etc! Thanks
  8. Passed with 61%, Over the moon!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Passed with 61%. Over the moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Anyone else twiddling their thumbs already!! These next 10 or so days are going to drag like hell! Keeping my fingers crossed, not totally positive about the result tho!
  11. Good luck Rob, be yourself, stay positive, plan for your role plays. Let us know how you do!
  12. This is for regs mate, I've been an SC for a year now, been in regs process since jan 2010
  13. Yea role plays, didn't seem to get enough time for any if them, and things I wanted to say but totally forgot!! Make sure you have a plan before you go into the role plays write down all the important words you want to get in!! Good luck.
  14. It went ok, not sure if I've done well enough tho. You just come away thinking, could of done that better!