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  1. MetPol Shifts and Rail Concession scheme

    Hi All, I'm currently in the process of transferring to the Met and have been given my posting options. I am considering Bromley due to where I live at the moment. Does anyone know what their shift pattern is? Thanks in advance Ytaff
  2. Hi All, I realise this has been asked a number of times but having looked, I have found some information, some of it quite old though so I'm going to ask i'm afraid! I am currently in the process of transferring to MPS and looking at a number of boroughs based on where I live at the moment. I'd be extremely grateful if some of you could provide me with the shifts time for the following boroughs and where the main nicks are: Lambeth Lewisham Croydon Bromley Greenwich I fully understand if you'd rather not say on here so feel free to PM me. Alternatively, and for added security i'll give you my 'pnn' address. Thanks in advance, Ytaff
  3. Met transferee/rejoiner interview

    These things are all about saying the right thing at the right time and ticking the boxes on the interviewers sheet. Just because you don't get it, doesn't mean you're no good. Worry not. I'm a bit nervous as anyone would be but going in with an open mind and knowing that you still have a pretty decent job at the end is the way forward I think. Bit philosophical that, think I need to sit down.
  4. Met transferee/rejoiner interview

    Hi Wakewaterblue, Can you shed any light on the interview? Not looking for answers obviously. Got mine tomorrow! Cheers, Ytaff
  5. CNC Medical/Fitness venue?

    Only thing I can suggest mate is to give HR a ring. You mention about the medical for Home Office force.... the difference with a medical for the CNC is that you're assesed for your abilities as a firearms officer so the eyesight requirement is, I beleive, slightly more stringant but I would assume only to the standards of a Home Office Authorised Firearms Officer. If anyone knows any different then I stand to be corrected. I know everyone says it but HR really are the best people to talk to.
  6. Vetting

    Guys, I'm going to ask a question that has probably been asked a million times and I apologise but I have searched old threads but I am hoping for an up to date answer. I am currently in the recruitment process but have a, not too good credit history; a situation which I am deeply ashamed of but there we go... can't change the past. I have a number of creditors with defaulted accounts but are all being managed by a debt management plan (not an IVA). Will this be an outright bar to my possible employment??? I have explained everything to the vetting department, gievn them detailed reasons and given them income and expenditure forms. Any help is gratefully received!
  7. CNC Medical/Fitness venue?

    How long have you been waiting red? How long have you been waiting red?
  8. CNC Medical/Fitness venue?

    Fingers crossed for you mate. Hope something comes out in the next few weeks. Think i'm in for a long wait and a second assesment centre!
  9. CNC Medical/Fitness venue?

    Blimey.. so you're really close. Where have you asked for now? Have you spoken to HR?
  10. CNC Medical/Fitness venue?

    Where has everyone put in for then? Tri, you say you changed your preferences, where had you originally asked to go? I'm getting slightly worried now. I'm waiting for a medical but my a/c runs out in July.
  11. CNC Medical/Fitness venue?

    Tommo where abouts are you in the process?
  12. CNC Medical/Fitness venue?

    He's right Yin.... Living my life through you at the moment!!
  13. CNC Fitness 10.02.10 anyone ??

    Hi Guys, Only just noticed this thread.... not sure where i've been for the last month!! I was there as well that day. Have you heard anything yet with regards to Medical? Ytaff