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  1. New Starters

    I've heard that five to five is considered an early dart in training now...
  2. New Starters

    Bit of a trek that place isn't it Large!? I went before Christmas - glad I went to get measured - but my next purchase will definitely be online!!
  3. New Starters

    Yeh there's a new thread in recruitment with quotes from today's media etc stating that it's due to come in April. So fingers crossed the remainder of us get a March start! Here's the link to the thread:
  4. New Starters

    Thought I'd be proactive and have just spoken to Workforce Management as I had another query so thought I'd ask the question... I am relieved to say the pay scales stay as per our signed contracts for the January intake so we'll still be seeing you soon scratchfree!! I also asked about the rest of the applicants from our 'batch' who are still in the process, and they haven't any information on those as yet sorry.
  5. New Starters

    Someone please tell me that our pay scales won't be affected by today's announcements!? Given that we've signed on the dotted line and start in less than two weeks... I'm not able to find anything which states when the new pay and conditions will be formally implemented (fingers crossed it won't be until the new financial year and all in our group from 2009/10 are in uniform) Scary stuff... :smiley_vomit:
  6. New Starters

    Thanks again I don't know whether to just get the men's ones though... as the ladies ones look a bit dainty to wear with our trousers (may be more suited with a skirt) Any fellow female new starters care to chip in? lol Luckily we don't have to wear them too often and they're fairly inexpensive
  7. New Starters

    Thanks bravo4 It's all getting VERY real now isn't it?
  8. New Starters

    I think I'm going to do the same. I got some altbergs too :) where are you getting your parade ones from? How many people are you bringing to the attestation? Not sure whether to call up and see if I can bring an extra person along, otherwise I have to choose between my partner and sister! #awkward
  9. New Starters

    So have you guys bought separate boots and parade shoes? I have my boots but unsure what to do re. parade ones - as a girl our Number One Dress is trousers now so I'm loathed to buy those awful ladies ones as they'd look silly... any recommendations? They only mentioned that we needed our boots in the paperwork, but I've been advised that having a parade pair can be handy.
  10. New Starters

    There's 20 on our intake for January, there was 19 I believe on the September intake, and there should be another intake of 20 in a few months. We are the applicants who were caught in the freeze from the 2009/10 process who have been called upon again. Thankfully!
  11. New Starters

    I've heard that it's either one or two weeks off during the initial 19 weeks - but don't know if it's two weeks if these will be together or not (it may just be 1) Apparently we will be given our timetable on the first day, as you'd expect.
  12. New Starters

    No not since the re-takes in May Macca H
  13. New Starters

    I'm also new to Policing, reassuring to know I'm not the only one I'm a Blue too
  14. New Starters

    mattk1985 - we've not long had our job offer paperwork through so no idea on who the trainers are yet - Leito will know though. Re. boots I'm going to try and get up to Altberg soon too, their only distributor in Liverpool is Callans in town and they can't get hold of them as most of Altberg's stock goes to the MoD now. Callans had magnums but the guy in store said deffo head up to Yorkshire as they're by far the best. Tried the Lowa Mountain GTX on at Ioma, a million times better than Magnums, but they felt like they were pushing me onto my tiptoes because they've a thick heel and have a 'sketchers' like roll at the front of the sole. So have we many Specials or CSOs on the January intake?
  15. New Starters

    I went yesterday morning, apparently I was the 11th out of the 20 to be done. It was hard to get a grasp of what it's all going to look like as he had me trying on one piece at a time. Did you go next door to have a look at the boots?