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  1. Interview

    I no there are lots of posts for the specials interview, ive been doing my research as they are all about the core compentencies, but i was just wandering is there any other questions i would be asked? I just want to be prepared :)
  2. Interview

    Hey guys, Just wandering if anyone has been through a specials interview as i have one in a couple of weeks and was wandering if anyone had any tips? Also what are the main things i would be asked aswell as the core compentencies? Thank You
  3. Hey guys, I am currently going through the special constable stages, where I have just passed the PIRT. I received a letter a few days later saying I’ve passed and my next stages are the interview and medical. The letter said the final date for the interview may take a while and to book my medical after the 15/02/10. I rang up the medical centre to see if I could book an appointment after this date, however I was told I have to pass the interview stage before I can get my appointment. Still waiting for my interview date but thought I could get the medical sorted out before the interview. Just wondering if you have to do the interview before the medical? Thank you :)