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  1. test results

    passed the test...... so happy. Got interview on the 25th
  2. test results

    done my test on Friday (Essex). Getting results tomorrow. I have had the most nerve racking weekend
  3. PIRT

    Hi guys, am excited to be invited for the PIRT test on the 19th of March (Essex PCSO) Am wondering what's these test like, how many question, what subjects, whats the pass mark. Thanks
  4. BMI

    is winter insulation fat? then it is
  5. BMI

    Hi guys, I was delighted today to know that i have been short listed for PCSO in ESSEX . My worry is that my BMI is 38 and i need to take it down to 30 in about 3 weeks. I have been working hard on treadmill and watching what am eating since i applied to join PCSO. Anyone who has tips on what i shoud do, i will highly appreciate. Thanks
  6. I can help you PASS the fitness test :)

    I need to get my BMI down, whats the fast way to do it
  7. Hi guys just posted my application for PCSO. Am wondering about medical test, what is the allowed BMI and how strict are they? Am worried because i might be a bit over weight. Thanks