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  1. AC for PC for BTP

    I think you get more info if you get through to assessment centre. Was just in case anyone had been thru it recently and had a better insight
  2. BTP Recruiting PCs for 2013 intakes.

    1st time for me too. Hoping I've did a good application!
  3. AC for PC for BTP

    Hey anyone found out any info?
  4. BTP Recruiting PCs for 2013 intakes.

    Yeah Glasgow too. Have u applied b4?
  5. BTP Recruiting PCs for 2013 intakes.

    Cool good luck! Anyone applied for a Scottish post?
  6. Hi all got this coming up on 5th December. Does anyone know what will be involved? Really keen to have an insight :)
  7. Hey I've got my CSP assessment centre on 5th Dec. Anyone else? What's involved in the assessment day, I know about the fitness and also the dictation. Is it team excersises etc? My partner is already an officer in the support unit so hoping that will give me an insight into dictation etc :) good luck.
  8. BTP Recruiting PCs for 2013 intakes.

    Hey brookeini did you apply for a place in Scotland?
  9. Hey almost finished doing my application anyone any advice? Have people found the process quite slow?
  10. hiya sent my app away via email for the september 2012 intake. Should I get a confirmation email saying theyve received it? Anyone else applied?
  11. Thanks very much : thats the last bit I have to fill in was going to phone recruitment but thats a great help :) thanks Good luck in April
  12. Hey, I am currently filling out my application through the shared recruitment process and I'm kinda stuck lol. It asks you about your current and previous employers, their address and all, it then asks for a brief description of your duties which is fine but I cant seem to see where they want you to enter the brief description. Its an online application and you can only enter information into certain fields. Is anyone else having the same trouble? Or am I just missing something lol thanks :)