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  1. What I believe you may be referring to the the new scheme from the College of policing whereby to get your yearly increment rise for those not already at the top point. To do so you have to complete a kind of portfolio evidencing you have met certain criteria (similar to the SOLAP) I know in our force it only affects those with just over two years in or below for the time being but no doubt will be brought in to the other pay points over time so just hope you get top whack before then. With regards to taking away pay they aren't doing that, rathet just preventing you from moving up the scale until you meet the criteria. Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  2. hi all, Ive had a look around the forum with regard to footwear and a lot of people tend to suggest, magnums,lowa and such like. however are these suitable for initial training (ie 1st 6 months) or are you required to wear something more formal at this stage, as i cant seem to find a definitive answer and dont want to go ahead and pay a large sum on boots when they wouldnt be suitable whilst im in training thanks
  3. hi just a quick question, ive got to the security part of the application process and was just after further info with regard to what they look for at this stage. i know myself, my partner and parents all have no criminal records, however i have a half brother who my dad had when he was 18. i havent seen him for years and he lives in a totally different county. however im led to believe he has had trouble with the police in the past. im obviously goin to declare him but does anyone know whether it will result in me failing the vetting?? thanks all