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  1. MOD Police Recruitment

    Yes I was thinking of buying a cheap static rather than renting. Not many sites close to Faslane with the limited road network. May have to be Aldermaston more options and better roads. Opinions and advice on the different sites most welcome.
  2. MOD Police Recruitment

    Well thats thrown my reasoning up in the air.
  3. MOD Police Recruitment

    England or Scotland ? What choice to make on the application form ? I am leaning towards Scotland - Faslane / Coulport as I would imagine there would be cheaper accommodation in the area rather than the Reading area. Any views on this ?
  4. MOD Police Recruitment

    Thanks for your reply. What are the start times of the shifts ? Sorry if I'm not getting it. Its different from my earlies, mains, lates and nights. But if its a 12hr day shift going into a 12hr night shift on day three where is the down time ?
  5. MOD Police Recruitment

    Hi, not sure if this has been covered before but hoe do the 4 on 4 off shifts work. For example is it 4 straight 12 hour shifts (days) 4 days off 4 12 hour night shifts then 4 off again ?
  6. Anonymous message. Anyone else get it?

    Yeah I got that too, closed page staight away thn logged on okay.
  7. Cumbria Regs Recruitment

    Has anyone heard any more on what is happening ?
  8. Cumbria Regs Recruitment

    I understand the merits of recruiting internally. Bur for others, myself included, its not just the time spent on the application form. Its the fact of then failing the paper sift as we are external then having to wait 6 months before we can apply to another force.
  9. Cumbria Regs Recruitment

    Not a sausage. Can't even phone as by the time I get home from work the HR dept will be closed.
  10. Cumbria Regs Recruitment

    Dare I ask any news for anyone yet?
  11. Cumbria Regs Recruitment

    No nothing heard here. Surely can't be too long if assessment center is start of October.
  12. Police Recruitment 2012

    I would'nt think it will be long before we hear for Cumbria as they were holding assessment centers early October.
  13. Cumbria Regs Recruitment

    did anyone take note of the HR department address, can't see it on website now.
  14. Cumbria Regs Recruitment

    Yes, I did a bit fortunate really as I did'nt realise it was only open for a short time. Lucky I printed the form off straight away.
  15. Cumbria Regs Recruitment

    Just been on Cumbria website after printing application form off during week, to print another and there is no mention off officer vacancies, anyone know if its still open. thought it closed on the 3rd sept.