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  1. Yeah I got that too, closed page staight away thn logged on okay.
  2. dogs are allowed on buses for free as they find it difficult to manage to carry loose change ?
  3. A brilliant idea of saving money to save cutting frontline services. still if the dvd works (which of course it will) we can disband the police service all together and live eutopia. I remember when we got visited by a real police person at school it was in modern speak, inter-active, sily idea.
  4. Last year I passed my entrance for the MOD Police only for budget cuts to put a stop for futher intakes. With the events in Northumberland over the last week where I believe officers from 5 forces were being used , maybe pointing to limited numbers already and the talk of futher cuts to forces would it not be better to carry on recruiting for the MOD Police as they are a national force and the OSU's can be used to support any force in a variety of tasks?
  5. turn the lights out when you leave. gimp.
  6. a tad uncomfortable
  7. like a pair
  8. wizards brunch and
  10. yes but tasty
  11. custard yellow cattle
  12. and the indigo
  14. begin to tie
  15. a vulcan bomber