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  1. There is no reason why you could'nt your only be doing 16 hours a month = 200 hours a year, so you could easily work around your job. Though double check in this post; It does say , so you will need to ring up the recruitment line for your chosen police force and ask them :)
  2. LOL mate iv just passed, i start training at hendon on the 12th Sept!
  3. Im waiting to get my start date, hasnt taken me long at all to pass was well easy after dreding it for ages but once your there its like... god what was i worried about, but most annoying thing of all is they wouldnt let us continue on the beep test they made us all stop at 5.4 was disapointed as most of us wanted to see hwo far we could go lol. Although we could of done it after waiting around an hour for the uniform fitting. Been offered the OSU -Level 2 Public Order Officers, iv applied for that to do on fri/sat for the pub crawls You find alot of infomation in people sigs of how long processes can be!
  4. Fingers crossed hope you pass and start training sooon!!
  5. Passed my Day 2 MSC with flying colours i loved the fitness test..... but the best part was having to be messured up for uniform i got to put everything on accept a white shirt!! Just waiting on the days to be chosen for training!
  6. Metropolitan Special Constables * Wear the same uniform as regular police officers * Have the same powers and responsibilities * Enjoy all the variety of policing London * Come from all walks of life * Volunteer 16 hours of their time a month
  7. If you do have to wait you aint really loosing anything because you won't be getting paid... To your question, you need to make sure that ALL infomation is correct and clear any mistakes or no full details about a perticular question will slow down your application process. Give it time for them to recieve the letter and for them to go over it and they will contact you soon as if you have passed the 1st inital stage :), so good luck!.
  8. Everything went well, and with in a week i got a lovely email saying: Congratz - MSC Day 2 Assessment Information Pack - Weds 7th July 2010 @ 09.30am So i passed on to Day 2, well pleased. My interview went well i think but my written not so much either way im happy. Now i just got to practice at gym and out side for tests.
  9. Well done mate i had my MSC Day 1, and i have passed that (despite i thought i sodded up my written). I have now been told my MSC Day 2 7th July and i can't wait!!
  10. Indeed, i just gota practice for this Interview hope i dont bulls it up!
  11. I will dont you worry, Thanks!
  12. Well, I got a reply back today which i thought was pretty damn quick! MSC Day 1 Interview Information Pack - Friday 30th Apr 2010 @ 11:00‏ You have successfully passed to the next stage of the MSC recruitment process. Persistence paid off!!!!!
  13. Thank you kindly!
  14. Thanks, i'v just re-applied, i went to login and there no record of my old application, so now iv made a new one with correct email address, and also adding an explination in the "other info box" Im not sure whether i can apply again, but because i never got to the interview surely i must be allowed to apply again. Could anyone shed any light, thanks
  15. Hi everyone, been watching the forums for a while and thought id join, not in the best mood as some people will notice my 1st Topic but hopefully im here to get it sorted out with all your kind help! Regards, Dean!