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  1. Met Specials info needed.

    ^ Any info on what you two are talking about ??
  2. Specials interview + Other JOB

    There is no reason why you could'nt your only be doing 16 hours a month = 200 hours a year, so you could easily work around your job. Though double check in this post; It does say , so you will need to ring up the recruitment line for your chosen police force and ask them :)
  3. Help ?

    LOL mate iv just passed, i start training at hendon on the 12th Sept!
  4. Met Specials info needed.

    Full guides on travel are here (mostly for met like me) (please use the search function it took less then a minute to do a google search.) I have been told by Met that my 1st day will be at hendon and that any travel i do (buying tickets) will be refunded at the end of the course. They also said that after the 1st day they will try to base you closer to where your living. Hope this helps :) I shall be getting all my paper work so i have a shift through it once its arrived and i'll double check anything!
  5. UK Police recruitment freezes

    Well exactly, i recon they will try to recruit massively for the Specials, So instead of on geting applicants they will just recruit from the specials and then put them through PC training. I can see it happening but it's also just great to get a taste for the job doing it as specials. Met are wanting specials to do more, They asked if i wanted to join the OSU for the late night pub crawls etc on fri/sat nights Night Time. (OSU; Is the only Unit of Specials to have Level 2 public order officers, Selected officers will receive training in - Police Driving and plublic order tactics) I'v expressed great interest to join so hopefully if all goes well i can, but least consider joining Specials!
  6. UK Police recruitment freezes

    With out sounding harsh im glad i didnt apply back in Jan '09 when i was going to do it, start of this year i thought id like to start for special to see what its like, plus being a little older and wiser and generally looking older helps, when i was going to apply 1st time round i was 18, but iv waited till i was 22. So far so good going with specials hope to do 12-18 months then iv been told i can put in an application for Police Constable (althoguh you can put it in soon as you start your 1st day from some sources) But i wish the luck to everything who had been turned down might be a good idea to try specials for the mean time, reason i say this is that im sure that when they start recuriting they will already want to get poeple who are already trained *hint* Specials which will save a massive £20,000 per applicant (as said by bbc news) then get them going through how recuirtent stage again. Look how many people are on hold or gone to Specials somethings surely good has got to come out of it!.
  7. How long is the process?

    Im waiting to get my start date, hasnt taken me long at all to pass was well easy after dreding it for ages but once your there its like... god what was i worried about, but most annoying thing of all is they wouldnt let us continue on the beep test they made us all stop at 5.4 was disapointed as most of us wanted to see hwo far we could go lol. Although we could of done it after waiting around an hour for the uniform fitting. Been offered the OSU -Level 2 Public Order Officers, iv applied for that to do on fri/sat for the pub crawls You find alot of infomation in people sigs of how long processes can be!
  8. Passed my DDO Day 1 ! :]

    Fingers crossed hope you pass and start training sooon!!
  9. perforated ear drums

    Hearing Test Consists of; Sitting in a booth with a pair of large headphone, Blue for left, Red for right. They play a one tone sound very very very low and you have to press like a hand held buzzer for as long as you can hear the sound for. It's a little difficult because your brain/ears start playing tricks because you think you can hear it but dont, if that makes sense. So i'd really advise to make sure there properly clean!.
  10. Help ?

    Passed my Day 2 MSC with flying colours i loved the fitness test..... but the best part was having to be messured up for uniform i got to put everything on accept a white shirt!! Just waiting on the days to be chosen for training!
  11. Met Police Specials Time

    Metropolitan Special Constables * Wear the same uniform as regular police officers * Have the same powers and responsibilities * Enjoy all the variety of policing London * Come from all walks of life * Volunteer 16 hours of their time a month
  12. Assessment Centre June 2010

    I was at Peel Center for MET on the 8th June, bloody long time waiting around so i urge you to bring a packlunch, but there are vending machines to snack from. You go in, make sure you got all paper work ready for the person behind the desk you then be given a badge with A/B/C/D depending on what group/time you attend. Speak to others that are in a room with you, At 1st i didnt untill after my Written Exam your be suprised how much it calms your nerves when your waiting for your Interview. I meet a few great guys there talk about camera's, motorbikes and general policing about saying how much we'd hate to be on the push bikes lol. After that they go through your application and any corrections that need doing will be altered, I was there for a good 45 correcting certain infomation that neither i or my family knew and i wasnt the only one in the room, Seemed we all had problems with our birth dads sodding off during life but we all laughed it off and wished each other good luck!. Soo... GOOD LUCK! And on Wed i got a notice through my email that i passed and i go for my Day 2 on 7th July! Oh and some good news for the people doing MET, there is no Role Plays anymore :)
  13. Hey guys new to the forums and have a question!

    If you do have to wait you aint really loosing anything because you won't be getting paid... To your question, you need to make sure that ALL infomation is correct and clear any mistakes or no full details about a perticular question will slow down your application process. Give it time for them to recieve the letter and for them to go over it and they will contact you soon as if you have passed the 1st inital stage :), so good luck!.
  14. Help ?

    Everything went well, and with in a week i got a lovely email saying: Congratz - MSC Day 2 Assessment Information Pack - Weds 7th July 2010 @ 09.30am So i passed on to Day 2, well pleased. My interview went well i think but my written not so much either way im happy. Now i just got to practice at gym and out side for tests.
  15. Inital Application Successful!

    Well done mate i had my MSC Day 1, and i have passed that (despite i thought i sodded up my written). I have now been told my MSC Day 2 7th July and i can't wait!!