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  1. I was posting a reply anyway... it worked out fine in the end. For that one, all we had to do was arrest the person based on a description for the offence and then present them to the Custody Sgt. Now that we've done S1 searches, we'll no doubt have to incorporate them in future role plays. Sorry to hear that there's another recruitment freeze on. The CC was at Netley today and briefly mentioned something about it, but I didn't realise it had already happened. If you can, stick with the process although it's a real pain to be put on hold - Hampshire is a good force, and it's worth the waiting in the end.
  2. Driving

    I asked a similar question a while back specific to Hampshire... the thread is below if you want to have a read of the replies. http://www.ukpoliceonline.co.uk/index.php?/topic/41541-driving-tickets/
  3. I would recommend wearing either boots or uniform shoes - nearly everybody I know wears boots. Those look good and comfortable, but you run the risk of them looking a bit like a trainer too which wouldn't go down to well. And, whilst I think of it, although uniform handouts will suggest otherwise, the expectation is that boots are bulled whilst at Netley. Training is going well, thanks... nearly half way through it now. Have to say, it's gone pretty quick but it's hard work. Lots of lessons been done on various laws and most recently traffic; practicals on arrest and present to custody, fixed penality notices, VDRS/HORT1, and stop & search this week when we'll be heading out to Southampton in mingle with the public. Had all of my safety training as well - UDT, cuffing, ASPs, Fastwraps and CS - that was a horrible day, getting sprayed is nasty. So, lots covered and lots to go. Better get revising for my exam on Monday...
  4. It's less rigid than the one you would have done in your PIRT - expect more in-depth comptency based questions, and ones about the force and why you want to do the job. Lasts about an hour.
  5. Would like to know your thoughts on this... would you ever get involved in anything you came across off duty? It seems like a pretty crazy idea in many respects given that you would be without any PPE or radio, but as I understand it there's a duty to do something often. I'm not suggesting that every transgression would be reported or dealt with, but when would you feel you had to do something about if you came across it? For example, you come across somebody getting a kicking from a group - although you've a duty to save life, the chances of coming out of that in one piece if you were to try and do something other than act as a good witness are pretty slim, so you'd phone it in. But, what about a shoplifting offence where you know it's not been seen by others and there will be loss/damage to property? Would you deal with it, phone it in, or turn a blind eye? Has anybody ever dealt with something off duty? Would be interested to learn of your experiences...
  6. Spelling and Grammar

    I would say block capitals are good for all the fields until you get to the Competency Based Questions - I put all my details in block capitals until I reached Page 9. After that, I'd switch to a more traditional style of writing. That said, I don't think it would matter that much...
  7. Often does... mine went right up to the wire for me to hand in my notice.
  8. What to they first check ?

    I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think they're checking much in that respect to be honest. You have to provide all that sort of information again later on in the process (or at least, I certainly had to) when it's actually time for the vetting side of things to begin. They would be looking to make sure the boxes are completed for a start, that nothing disclosed already will prevent your friend from applying, and scoring the competency questions. They may look into HM Forces involvement early on, not sure... hopefully somebody else can give you a better answer.
  9. Station visits?

    I ended up emailing the relevant Inspector when I organised my shadow shifts during my application, and it went down well - got the Area Car both times on a Saturday night. If you approach them explaining why you'd value the opportunity at their station and how you would find it useful for your application, I would imagine they would be happy to help you.
  10. Attestation ceremony during training

    In Hampshire, it's Week 1 on the Thursday.
  11. DanWUN is right - you'll get a provisional offer subject to references and vetting during the 1-2-1 discussion you'll have after your medical. You'll also get your IPLDP Welcome Pack with lots of forms to fill in (get used to it, this job is all paperwork!) and, possibly the most exciting of all... your collar number! Best of luck with the final stages...
  12. Hants applications?

    A friend of mine is in the same position - it can take up to ten weeks from your application going in to actually hearing if you've passed the paper sift.
  13. Visit Local Station before AC

    I think the person on the end of the phone misunderstood what you were looking for - ongoing campaigns are for all to know about and heavily publicised on a force's website. A quick look there should give you all the information you need for an in-force interview in that respect. You could also discuss this with officers when going out on an observation shift. Maybe speak to an SNT officer at your local station, or visit your local beat surgery this month? Which force are you applying to?
  14. What to wear....

    I think I ended up wearing jeans and a smart-casual shirt when I went out... it doesn't really matter that much to be honest. As Saxondale says, good shoes are more important. The Hi-Vis you get will cover up whatever you're wearing mostly.