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  1. I asked a similar question a while back specific to Hampshire... the thread is below if you want to have a read of the replies. http://www.ukpoliceonline.co.uk/index.php?/topic/41541-driving-tickets/
  2. Would like to know your thoughts on this... would you ever get involved in anything you came across off duty? It seems like a pretty crazy idea in many respects given that you would be without any PPE or radio, but as I understand it there's a duty to do something often. I'm not suggesting that every transgression would be reported or dealt with, but when would you feel you had to do something about if you came across it? For example, you come across somebody getting a kicking from a group - although you've a duty to save life, the chances of coming out of that in one piece if you were to try and do something other than act as a good witness are pretty slim, so you'd phone it in. But, what about a shoplifting offence where you know it's not been seen by others and there will be loss/damage to property? Would you deal with it, phone it in, or turn a blind eye? Has anybody ever dealt with something off duty? Would be interested to learn of your experiences...
  3. I ended up emailing the relevant Inspector when I organised my shadow shifts during my application, and it went down well - got the Area Car both times on a Saturday night. If you approach them explaining why you'd value the opportunity at their station and how you would find it useful for your application, I would imagine they would be happy to help you.
  4. In Hampshire, it's Week 1 on the Thursday.