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  1. Bit of better news. The letter doesn't mention it, but if u'll consider the specials and had passed your interview give the recruitment lot a call. I think it's called 'light at the end of the tunnel'. Good luck
  2. Merseyplod, I've read all your points with great interest, as u have been pretty on the money throughout. If I'm honest I knew deep down this was coming and I realise there are no answers currently regarding future budgets. That doesn't change the fact that u hold onto blind hope that something changes. I understand the need for cuts and that GMP need to worry first about the people in the organisation who face redundancy - that is only right. I think you'll find we are of the opinion this hasn't been managed correctly or communicated at all. I'm sure even GMP realise this, but it is what is it. Emotions are running high, and people are rightly upset. The letter wasn't particularly well written and should have come before the federation or the senior Officers talk to external sources. I would have liked the offer to transfer my application to the specials. Saves them spending on finding them, they get someone who's pasted the tests and at least understands the cuts. I now find myself at the back of the queue for even that!
  3. Gutted. Can't say I'm impressed. No surprise I got the letter 2 days after the CC let's slip on an online forum they're not recruiting for 2 years. Bet the recruitment phone line went nuts. Can't believe I found out via the press. I accept the cuts, but I'm hugely disappointed with the lack of comms from GMP. The met did this 6 months ago - why has it taken that long to make the same decision? I lost my job due to the recession and have spent the last 12 months doing a temp role, committing CV suicide. I was even advised not to apply for the Specials when I rang 6 months ago because I was too far along in the process. What ever has happened, somebody must look at this and think 'we can do this better'. I really want to do this, but this has been tough. Good luck everyone.
  4. Hi everyone, Can I just make the point that although they did say that we would get an update in September, they have also said that no decision on recruitment will be made until after the October budget news. Now considering I've had 1 update letter since my interview in May last year, I'm not expecting to get 2 letters in 2 months!! I'm in the mindset now I won't hear anything until end of October. Anyone agree? (I need to get in soon because my missus is threatening to leave me if I keep making her watch reruns of 'Road Wars' on Sky One and saying 'it's good research'......)
  5. U need to read the log from Peter Fahys online q&a session the other week on the GMP site. He commits to not cancelling applications, but indicates no intakes this tax year and that could continue after that. It's worth a read.
  6. I've been following this thread for sometime with interest. My experience is similar to many of you. Did my paper app Oct 08, Int May 09, passed the fit & med first time etc. etc. I got a letter around Christmas about the freeze until April. I also got a phone call and was told I was a little unlucky as I was pencilled in for a March start. I see from the above posts some of you have received another letter, similar to the one I received with you at Christmas, saying everythings on hold unitl Sept now. I haven't had that letter (yet??) - bit worried about that now... anyone else in the same boat?